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  1. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Hmmm Mr autoxcuda...I was told that Shakeys was bought in the early 70s by an asian company, hence the changes and the opening across asia. The company had an American sounding name but was based in manilla or something like that. Quick internet look - and I mean quick - shows that they were...
  2. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Interesting the post about what happened to Winchells doughnuts. Looks like the same thing happened to them that happened to Shakeys Pizza, i.e. got bought out by 'asians' who cheapened the product and they went mostly down the tubes, yet flourish in se asia and japan etc. The last real Shakeys...
  3. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    In-N-Out Rules. Period. That is all...
  4. guy gadbois

    Mini Cooper

    Boat Loads of Fun. Oversized go karts. the first gen cars are the best, but finding one with decent miles is getting tough. The early S models had a couple of glitches, but those have been fixed by now. Darn near impossible to work on save the most basic of maintenance, so get to know a Mini...
  5. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Of course, we have no fast food chains in Sealand, but the ones I miss from my time in the Flyover Zone of the US are certainly Mr Swiss, Shakeys - tho it exists in name only in se asia plus I think 4 original ones in California that were grandfathered in to their franchise agreement and not...
  6. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Ya know, not only is 1WildRT correct, but did anybody ever stop to think that no one would name their business after something/someone they "hated"? "Sambo' was a character in a work of fiction and was well loved - sorta like Aunt Jemima [syrup] or Uncle Ben [rice]. It was a theme and resonated...
  7. guy gadbois

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    To me, Wetsons was known for its sponsorship of Alfa Romeos in the 2.5 trans Am!
  8. guy gadbois

    Vintage garage stuff

    THANX! Way cool...
  9. guy gadbois

    Vintage garage stuff

    Way cool! I'd wrestle ya over that fuse kit... :) And thats the only other uop Shadow sticker in that design that Ive ever seen except the one on my toolbox... Is that a dash plaque from the Questor Grand Prix? May I see the rest of that AAR certificate or whatever it may be?
  10. guy gadbois

    Your opinion of the Crossfires.

    Love them! Drive very nicely and cool looking; very reminiscent of a Bugatti Atlantic or certain Talbot Lagos. And yes, as I understand, Chrysler DID draw it. Tried to buy one as a daily for teh Mrs when they came out; she liked the car but the lack of rear and rear 3/4 vision kept her from...
  11. guy gadbois

    Mean Green the Time Machine

    What a cool old building!! And so sad that it sits, derelict.... Thanx for those photos. [oh, btw... that tach? I remember those from when I was working in a parts department; I am certain they are NOT for 66s. They do however work well for 67s, especially dark green ones as I remember in the...
  12. guy gadbois

    Powder Coating ...

    INCREDIBLE work! Have never seen multicolour powder coating done nearly as well as those valve covers. One question that a big furry shopdog I see in post 80? :)
  13. guy gadbois

    seats help

    SMS Auto Fabric in Oregon will probably be your best bet. As I understand it, theyre the folks who supply the material to Legendary. legendary is a year behind on covers... I just needed a seat bottom insert done recently and SMS sold me 1 yard of material; add in a...
  14. guy gadbois

    New look

    Glad I was able to find this place again... My bookmark hasnt worked for a couple of days, and I assumed there was an issue with the site. Went looking for it 'manually' and found it here, all changed up. Personally, I dont like the change. Of course, the last change I liked was in 65 when...
  15. guy gadbois

    My daughter and her family are sick

    Late to the party here - glad everyone is feeling better - but I'll go with Valley fever also. had never heard of it myself until a few years ago when a friend [from Oklahoma] got it when she moved out there. One dog died from it and she said she felt like she was going to! She, her son and the...
  16. guy gadbois

    Dog poop

    We have kept a separate trash can for years; scoop the poop once a day, put it in the liner in that can and put it out with the garbage on 'trash day'. Our dogs - until this one... :( - have always pottied in one area making it fairly simple. It doesnt hurt a thing - its biodegradable - in a...
  17. guy gadbois


    Sincerest condolences. Its awful. Think I'll go hug my Bailey...
  18. guy gadbois

    Lets see all the "YELLOW" 66-70 Mopar B-bodys out there!!

    Wish mine were yellow...:)
  19. guy gadbois


    Hey... tell them to, pi..., uh, er...bugger off! Its your dog and you know what you want. When its their dog, they feed it, take care of it, love it and pay for it all, THEN they have a say. There is nothing wrong at all with purebred dogs and wanting one as a puppy. Ive had mutts...
  20. guy gadbois

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    I believe the dark green is GG1; at least thats what my car is. LL is the dark turquoise and KK is the lighter one according to the paint chart Im looking at. All nice colours.