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  1. BeatersRus

    Best way to swap KaryVan engine

    pull the pass side seat and door,drop the trans and crossmember and use a cherry picker to bring it/the motor out the door. make sure you remove the exhaust out of the way. also,wild is right you have to be extremely careful using the cherrypicker setup,because of the limited boom space.
  2. BeatersRus

    1972 Dodge Challenger @ Gateway Classic Cars

    no pride in work,i think. you can clearly see where they slipped trying to get the left side rivet out and gouged the vin tag and also bent it. surprised they didnt take a minute to work it back into shape and clean up that gouge. also,looking at the motor/gaskets and block,does it look like...
  3. BeatersRus

    All the stores in my area are our of Hot Wheels cars!

    yes,in fact when i sold out of my redlines,those Shell cars made the most money,i literally bought Real cars with the loot from those. they all had special paint colors and were Super hard to find in mint condition. a lot of redline guys dont even know about or have Shell cars.
  4. BeatersRus

    HELP! Quality Come Along (Cable Type)? Recommendations

    what you really want is one of these. the ratcheting comealong,solid body housing/Cast metal and a strong enough handle to slip a piece of pipe over for leverage. ive used these for over 30 years. they want a hefty price for a new one,almost 300 bucks.. ps,fair warning,if you are looking at the...
  5. BeatersRus

    1969 charger 500,Aero car

    that copper colored one is Drool City. this is what i consider to be the ultimate chargers. thanks for sharing those pics Budnicks.
  6. BeatersRus

    1969 charger 500,Aero car

    this just popped up on our group over on Fb. was wondering if hes a member here because wowsa loook at his other cars too...
  7. BeatersRus

    All the stores in my area are our of Hot Wheels cars!

    this. even if you can find a normal casting,that actually looks like a car. they used to have some great cars and decal/paint schemes,now its all fake made up goofy carp. if they do make a nice car,they stick a Hefty price on it,usually 3-5 bucks in a fancy package. also true that kids arent...
  8. BeatersRus

    69 Road Runner - Steve Magnante

    Gah !!..that vid has a lot of misinformation...ty for waking us up btw @dadsbee hes shilling for this company now. dunno if galens involved or not i did ask him that question. from the comments section " been by that place in Auburn many times...
  9. BeatersRus

    superbowl SO who is ready for the hip hop half time show?

    kinda missing the point? first,it was The Superbowl,not some weekend game. second,rapper JZ has bought into the nfl and controls the halftime shows now Sooooo expect more of this stuff. my entire point was,they have stopped considering what you longtime viewers want to see,and are now focused...
  10. BeatersRus

    Just found a 69 charger for sale.

    the hotmail addy tells me this person has been around for a LONG time. why do you think those arent legit addies? because that was one of the first ones i got back in the 2000-s,i ran an entire business for eons using that addy. in fact ive had that account for over 23 years now. you cant even...
  11. BeatersRus

    superbowl SO who is ready for the hip hop half time show?

    apparently Rap music is the only thing we can look forwards to from now on??......great way to turn off even more of the viewers...and its clear they dont care and are focused on the Youth........and was Eminem actually Lip Synching??!!...what a mess..
  12. BeatersRus

    1970 Dart 4dr. $2000.

    theres some good parts there,shame they destroyed the front fender,the grille looks nice,the front clip would have been worth close to asking price.
  13. BeatersRus

    Would this upset you?

    i was staying with my gf,who lived on a piece of property next to her parents and siblings.. everything was perfect until the day i woke up and looked out the window at my 69 black was Really light was just blazing off it... i had just bought it as a project a few...
  14. BeatersRus

    Mopars5150 Muscle Car Sell Off Update

    thanks for sharing that,i really enjoyed that tour. seeing all those charger bodies fixed and waiting really was overload. did anyone catch the oddities,the pink barracuda with a rally dash and a full on cuda with a non rally dash? the 70 gtx v code car for 10,500?? sure looks like maybe? the...
  15. BeatersRus

    Anyone pursued a car dealer/dismantler license?

    yes and not only will you have to jump thru a Bunch of hoops,but the property you use must be Zoned properly or they can come shut you down no matter What license you have from the state. ......2 Years after buying my current property,they shut me down,knowing full well what i was doing and that...
  16. BeatersRus

    Not a B Body, but an AMC Gremlin....

    ive always thought that this would have changed the market and Amc-s fortunes if it had only been released for sale...?? not to mention it sure made good use out of the pacer shell.
  17. BeatersRus

    Spark Plug Surprise!!!

    speaking of fords,those triton motors also had the Smallest exhaust bolts ever,made out of tinfoil too. whatever metals they used in making them,the purity must have been really crappy. ive seen perfect body trucks that sound like clunkers and got junked simply because the bolts rusted/broke...
  18. BeatersRus


    nascar = all cookie cutter cars,no styles and deffo not cars that you can buy off the dealership floor. what a waste of time. i stopped watching nascar when we lost Dale...... ps,if you wanna see something sorta fun,check out the figure 8 races with school busses and Rv-s.
  19. BeatersRus

    Need Info

    you can pull the Ac unit and the roof vent covers for the trip,that should clear you. run a tape measure up and see what your actual roofline height is,flat roof versus ac equipped/cover equipped. if you need more help,as VanDan said,im also in western ny and am quite used to moving Rv-s.
  20. BeatersRus

    Spark Plug Surprise!!!

    ive seen that before,and ive also seen one where the electrode broke and fell Into the motor...blammo. Glad that didnt happen to yours. ive also seen them get shot out of the heads before,some right into and sticking thru the Hoods lol. plug worked loose and then the pressure rips the remaining...