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  1. poconos_power

    Need New 2 speed Windshield Wiper Motor 1971 road runner

    Ha! I find myself needing one also. Anymore still out there?
  2. poconos_power

    WTB 71 Roadrunner rear deck filler corner

    Hi! was the corner any good on the parts car?
  3. poconos_power

    WTB 71 Roadrunner rear deck filler corner

    Passenger side is what I need, I should have mentioned, if you have that, thats awesome! Thanks!
  4. poconos_power

    WTB 71 Roadrunner rear deck filler corner

    Does anyone have a parts car they can steal the deck filler corner off, or a deck filler they didn't use all the way? I just need the corner from the rear deck filler panel where it meets the gutter. It's rusted out, of course, on mine. Trying to see if I can get what I need without needing to...
  5. poconos_power

    Carlisle 2022 Tent Poll

    Going to try and make it, never been. Still trying to decide if I make it a long day and check things out or go for hotel/camping.
  6. poconos_power

    Mopars5150 Musclecar Selloff

    Wish I knew about this before it happened. Only saw the video this morning.
  7. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    I'm surely interested. Your inbox is full so I can't message you private. I would like to know more definitely.
  8. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    Haha, can I use them in place of seam filler?
  9. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    So, finally got to spend some real time near the car since I first posted the initial pictures. Did a bit of digging. Knocked around the frame rails to the degree I could reach with the car on wheel dollies (which was quite a bit despite laying on the freezing concrete floor). Also after...
  10. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    Ahh, I'll do a little hammer testing. Thanks for linking this! I haven't seen any rot in any frame rails, floor supports, crossmember, etc. But I'll look closer for sure.
  11. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    Thanks for the various view points everyone! I totally can respect the years of experience coming through. The good news is, I picked this up relatively cheap, with a full interior so now I have all the parts for that if I have to shift to getting a solid shell. I also picked it up with the full...
  12. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    Is fixing that pillar something I want to find a donor for? or would it be something you'd try to construct with fresh metal?
  13. poconos_power

    How to attack this rust? 71 Satellite

    I'm afraid around every turn theres more rust. So far thats been mostly untrue, except a few of the "typical" spots. At least I gather they're typical from lurking around here. So far I've found some quarter rust, need to rebuild a corner including the trunk gutter. But some things like the...
  14. poconos_power

    Howdy from PA

    Hey! I joined a little after you, I'm 33 and doing b-body stuff in the Poconos as a new guy to all this too. Got a 71 satellite with some rust last March. I've been collecting parts for now, going to embark on the body work adventure in the next few months I think if I can get some other stuff...
  15. poconos_power

    WTB Looking for 71 cowl sections

    My 71 cowl is mostly good, but a little wasted in some parts. I need either a full one or at last the parts under the ballast resistor and just right of the brake master. If anyone has them.
  16. poconos_power

    FOR SALE Parted 71-4 Plymouths

    Any chance I could get some sections of 71 cowl?
  17. poconos_power

    1971 Satellite, what is this window trim?

    I ended up getting these: Haven't installed yet, but they seem good enough. I'm probably a few months away from install, I just bought them to have incase they go away. Not sure whats out there for your coronet...
  18. poconos_power

    How do you de gunk stuff?

    Hey everyone, so I've barely started on my 71 satellite. Really, I'm starting with throwing a new gas tank in, which has turned into a bigger project of course. So I figured if I were doing it I'd do the vapor separator too (once I learned what it is). Luckily my wheel well mounted separator is...
  19. poconos_power

    Cold Front

    Staying in the low 60s here in the Pocono Mountains. Good enough to still paint some small parts outside, though I wish we had sun instead of this menacing overcast.
  20. poconos_power

    1971 340 Road Runner Revival

    Wow! What a project! I'm going to be tearing my car down soon. Not nearly as much if I'm lucky though. How was it getting the panels off over the quarter windows?