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    Steering box to K-frame stripped nuts

    Great repair.
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    FOR SALE 1971 440 motor

    This engine was installed a 1971 model year car from the factory by the vin and top stamp. G440 is 71
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Most of us that do this work do not have the defeatist attitude you seem to have. I always know I can fix something, no question, a little research before any job helps. I changed motor mounts, and the auto transmission in a b-body on a gravel driveway when I was 18, all I had was a cheap floor...
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    Modern Challenger Hood Seal

    Good to know
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    SOLD 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 833 4-Speed Transmission

    It's been apart, 69 case, 71 up side cover, 70 and up b and e tailshaft housing, does not mean it's bad, just been worked on.
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    The One I Loved Back Then Is Available

    This says it love the current car, do not sell it for any reason or you will be sorry. Everything you want or own is just a stitch in time, you have moved on from the other cars, stay moved on. Keep the hemi, always.
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    Very nice
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    Steering box to K-frame stripped nuts

    Great fix, I would do them all.
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    How does a guy own a car since 1994 and just today realize

    Numbers matching was a thing in 1976 when I bought my first good car.
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    Steering box to K-frame stripped nuts

    Maybe....but if you ever do you will not be sorry. Ya I thought 100 was a little high. Standard bolt torque for a 1/2"grade 8 bolt dry is also 80. I bet the 100 is where the factory set their impacts to overcome friction from welding the nut.
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    Steering box to K-frame stripped nuts

    I tell you what.... you will never be sorry if you buy a redeye challenger, we were wringing a new one out last night. I wish I had bought it before my last restoration started, anyway not selling the old stuff but damn a redeye is pretty nice.
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    Fluid draining rant....

    Actually some cars used to have them....people would drain the trans, change the engine oil filter, add 5 qts to the engine, smoke the trans and the engine would be over full.
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Ya, just got a warning from a friend that works at old faithful store, she says stay away bad there.
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    If you leave east out thru Cody we always found sites along that and in the bighorn mountains on 14/16.
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    I would plan 2 days minimum in yellowstone. I have never had issues finding a campsite, sometimes you can't get a reservation in the sites near old faithful but I always found a cancellation at the others. Since it is post covid that n ay have changed.
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Lots of camping on that side and in Montana on 212.
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    I don't know your route but 212 east out of Yellowstone thru the beartooths is worth the trip. It is also the least used side of the park.
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    We Bet F-150 Lightning's Range Is under 100 Miles when Towing at the Max

    I would love to see that POS with 10,000 behind it on the 10% of 14a from Cody to burgess junction in august.... only 98 miles,bet it would not make it, not even close.
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    Best Chest Ever.

    Thank God for the distraction.