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  1. dan juhasz

    Just bought a T-P HVLP kit at auction

    When I bought the kit the suction gun with 2 needle and cap sets was all there was, I think it came with a 1.3 and 1.5 set.
  2. dan juhasz

    Just bought a T-P HVLP kit at auction

    they make a modern gravity fed gun for that system, i never liked the suction gun. Did it come with the air hose for the gun, I don't see it.
  3. dan juhasz

    1966 hemi satellite

    I've been following the comments on bat. I asked about the inner fender tag and build sheet. Neither are available. There is a hole in the oil pan also and so far the seller has not answered if the motor is locked up or not. Someone is going to overpay for a car once restored will struggle to...
  4. dan juhasz

    Steering issue ???

    perhaps a binding control valve that sits on top of steering gear. what happens if your first turn is a right-hand turn?
  5. dan juhasz

    Smoke coming out the breathers

    a recent you tube video from Nicks garage had a head gasket fail on the dyno into the valve lifter galley and it smoked like crazy from the breathers after the fail. But it also had an absolute misfire after that, I don't think his engine is misfiring.
  6. dan juhasz

    Looking for the AC switch guru

    I think your looking for Anthony Powell,
  7. dan juhasz

    Smoke coming out the breathers

    have a competent mechanic do a cylinder leak down test. It will quickly tell you what's going on. My guess is you won't be happy.
  8. dan juhasz

    Carlisle virgin

    spots are tight, 2 cars in one spot ? i dunno
  9. dan juhasz

    1967 426 Hemi Coronet, value ?

    restored maybe a 70/75k car, subtract cost of restoration and engine rebuild, regardless 30k ? less if the block is not repairable
  10. dan juhasz

    Lower control arms are done!

    that quasemoline finish looks great
  11. dan juhasz

    Driving the 426 Street Hemi - Thoughts

    Just 93 octane with a couple ounces of marvel mystery oil
  12. dan juhasz

    Driving the 426 Street Hemi - Thoughts

    I've had one that had mild build and one bone stock, loved them both. Very well mannered. Oh and they go like stink !!
  13. dan juhasz

    67 GTX rear bumper filler strip

    Installing a new seal, forgot which end goes up. Is it as I pictured it or does it flip over and go the other way?
  14. dan juhasz

    air compressor recommendation

    if you plan on buying a bead blasting cabinet or using a sand or soda blaster my suggestion is buy the biggest largest volume air compressor you can afford. You won't regret it
  15. dan juhasz

    Clutch not disengaging

    The friction disc, not flywheel. The disc is usually marked “flywheel side” so it is oriented properly
  16. dan juhasz

    Clutch not disengaging

    Looks like plenty of clearance, I only propose this because you mentioned your not as familiar with manual stuff. Was the disc clearly marked flywheel side ? Disc won't function if installed flipped.
  17. dan juhasz

    Looking in people’s yard

    jimmy hoffa
  18. dan juhasz

    Stop leaking

    dipstick tube seal area
  19. dan juhasz

    Where to get quality quarter panels

    If they are not reproduced by amd for instance you can try joe Phillips restoration, he can be searched on Facebook, people rave about his craftsmanship.
  20. dan juhasz

    67 R/T at Mecum Auction

    The Mopar bargain today was the red and white 68 GTX, 44k well bought, looked clean under the lights.