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  1. threewood

    Floor patch panel is a little short

    I would find some 18 gauge sheet metal and butt weld strips onto the upper floor pan area or replacment pan (which would be easier). Then weld in the pan you have in an overlap fashion.
  2. threewood

    Just sharing unfortunate experiences about an ECU

    As old as our cars are and having gone through dozens of hands along the way I don't trust a thing unless I performed the work. I've dealt with cobbled wiring messes that are cringe worthy. So I am in the opinion that install / user errors are responsible for 98% of electrical issues we face...
  3. threewood

    Splurged on some Tequila...

    El Tesoro Anejo is my favorite by far.
  4. threewood

    Happy Birthday Billccm

    Happy Birthday!! @Billccm :bday:
  5. threewood

    Ignition timing

    I think it depends on whether he is hooked to ported or manifold vacuum. As for timing, hook up a vacuum gauge and adjust advance until you get close to max vacuum. You'll see it plateau. Back it off a bit and tighten distributor. This will get you really close on initial timing. But this also...
  6. threewood

    Brake system issues remain - next steps??

    Ed, with one side locking prematurely I would look at the proportioning valve. The M.C. has an outlet for front and and outlet for rear. So it goes to reason that the same pressure is leaving the M.C. outlet and getting out of balance further down the line. Or possibly a stuck or dragging wheel...
  7. threewood

    Brake system issues remain - next steps??

    I ran into this issue with the Dr. Diff front disc upgrade kit. Plastic master cylinder reservoir using my factory push rod. I don't believe the internal springs are heavy enough to reset the brake pedal. I ended up adding an external spring to pull pedal back up. No issues since.
  8. threewood

    Has the car market gone to far? Or have I lost perspective

    There were only 500 of the 1986 GLHS' made so it is pretty rare. And fast for the day. Those were modified by Shelby himself in Whittier, CA. I think the price is high but it is a clean, low miles car. I had the 1987 GLHS, 1000 made. Same drivetrain, only 2 door Charger style L body. I...
  9. threewood

    New member from Kentucky

    Welcome! Great car. I grew up in N. Ky
  10. threewood

    Permatex gasket shellac

    Mine is now a collectors item!
  11. threewood

    2.76 Parts.

    Glad you are able to use them. They should be great for sipping gas a little slower.
  12. threewood

    Buy It or Build It?

    It depends. I thought building my own was a fun experience I needed to do. I wouldn't have done it any other way.
  13. threewood

    NOT MINE--- 69 Charger R/T for sale $59.5K

    older "restoration". That front end shows damage and filler painted over, and not too well.
  14. threewood

    Guy Tries Buying 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, Gets Scammed Instead

    :rofl: Read the comments below the article. Dave escalates things quickly.
  15. threewood

    Console Bracket Install

    Absolutely attach the brackets to the console first, then tack weld them in place.
  16. threewood

    Front fender dent removal:

    No access from behind unless you remove the headlight bucket, which requires spotweld removal. But once you do, it is an easy matter to use a hammer and dolly. My GTX had the same dent.
  17. threewood

    Did I kill my cam....lobe.....

    Heat riser valve is located in the stock passenger side exhaust manifold. It is there to help warm the intake air. When it warms up, it should be open, allowing exhaust games to flow free. It acts like a carb choke.
  18. threewood

    MSD Dead - Help with direction please

    Distributor body needs to be oriented with the vacuum advance pointing to driver side, for clearance issues. TDC on motor, rotor needs to point to #1. Orientation of wires can be altered clockwise or counterclockwise so rotor points to #1. It is a deviation from norm but I have seen it done and...
  19. threewood

    Freaking wind!

    Windy in SW AZ today too.
  20. threewood

    MSD Dead - Help with direction please

    I doubt they would tell anyone how their product works. Why would they give away any trade secrets? It would be like asking KFC how they make their chicken so tasty. On the Pertronix III, if you use an inductive timing light, it will not be accurate and flutter around. If you use an electronic...