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  1. mark Symonds

    WTB universal 8mm orange spark plug wire or set

    Looking for orange 8mm spark plug wire or universal set.
  2. mark Symonds

    1970 road runner question

    Any suggestions on what type of spark plugs and spark plug wires I should put on my recently purchased 1970 road runner 383 with headers, edelbrock aluminum heads, roller cam, 6 pack? Currently has taylor spiro pro 8mm silicone (which are 1 -2 inches short and don't "stick" very well - some...
  3. mark Symonds

    WTB Air grabber switch

    Looking for air grabber switch for 1970 road runner. Thanks!
  4. mark Symonds

    WTB 70 RR gold seat belts

    Looking for gold seat belts, front bucket and rear for 70 road runner.