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    Spotted this today

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    Anybody going to watch the lunar eclipse?

    I'd like to do the same but all my stuff is 500 miles away. Not even dark here yet...
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    How's your view ?

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    A12 Guru? I have a couple questions please

    I hope it is & you get it:thumbsup:
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    New member from Kentucky

    Hello from California! Beautiful car you have there.
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    Facebook jail

    Was that a documentary? How many does he have now?
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    Rough 24 hrs..

    OUCH! That made me wince. Sounds like a fine young MAN you & the Mrs are raising. Wishing the best for all of you.
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Not here. & We have a pallet guy come get them. This was a 'neighbor' who was told to put them in a different dumpster. And they were all rotten, falling apart or nailed together in some tweaker fashion along with a LOT of used lumber as well, with cat vomit on some of them-yes I'm sure... It's...
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    This morning I had to un-do someone else's 'stuff'. WHY don't people read signage anymore? What a tangled up mess...
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    Happy Birthday to All Y'all!
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    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday to you!
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    Awesome day visiting huge machinery collection - New Zealand

    Your buddy sounds (& acts) like my late uncle! He had a 'Cat House' with about 200 old Caterpillar crawlers & various antique tractors. Thanks for sharing!
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    More strange things

    Have you checked the fuel pressure?
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    NOT MINE--- 69 Charger R/T for sale $59.5K

    Just posted 10 minutes ago:
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    Nigerian wheels

    Does your Mrs. review your postings?:D
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    At my wits end: Need help with driveline vibration

    Did the vibration occur BEFORE the 'restoration'? I been scanning this and missed that detail. If it didn't vibrate before all the work then the axle housing is probably not the problem (unless it was dropped/drove over?). Good luck with this OP!
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    Lada (the company) gets sold for two cents.

    I hope this will help someone make their dream-car purchase. More 'Better' ones.
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    Back After Many Years With a Rekindled Interest

    Hello from California! There really is no cure for Dodge Fever.
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    I 'may' have a core, will go check numbers. I know one is from an older 383 car BUT they are for automatics... ---- Sorry, I do NOT have those #s. Good luck!