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    Where do the threads go?

    What question was asked?
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    Mini Cooper

    Will a Hemi powered mini Cooper work for her?
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    Mini Cooper

    I saw this movie with mini coopers, called the Italian job. I wish I can get one of those, I don’t think I would fit. What year of mini Cooper are you looking at for your wife?
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    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    Glad you got it fixed.
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    Guidance on Shipping International - not in or out of the US.

    My dad knew some that would fly Air America from Saigon (known today as Chi Minh City) to Manila, Philippines. It wasn’t mail I don’t think, I’m not sure if they still exist.
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    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    Glad you came up with a solution to fix It temporarily.
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    New grandson

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    Attn: woodworkers- need router bit to make simple baseboard please

    If you must have one that you can’t get one from a store, you can always have one made.
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    FOR SALE 69 charger grill

    Check this area for cracks, this is a known area for cracks.
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    Cena with Cuda ad

    He just had a MG restored down in Houston.
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    SOLD 69 Dodge Charger Wiring harnesses - Engine & Headlight

    How much for the dash wiring harness? Can you post pictures of the dash wiring harness? All I see is the engine harness and the headlight harness.
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    Ever Hear of "Home Title Lock"?

    It’s a scam.
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    former member

    Wow, he should made the OP sound like a crook. What a piece. Thanks for posting this.
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    former member

    If I was sent a cashiers check, I will go to the issuing bank to cash it. Why would I cash it at my bank, especially using my account?
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    former member

    If I sent you a bogus money order, you would ship the parts right away?
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    former member

    You made the point, Barry would still have the part, he wouldn’t ship until the cashiers check or money order cleared
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    former member

    The post office held the money order, he wouldn’t cash it right away. He said he’ll have to wait 10 days or longer, took my name and number. Why have an a postal money order if you can’t even cash it at the post office?
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    Modern Challenger Hood Seal

    DMT are good people, easy to deal with and MoPar family.
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    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    In all seriousness, I have the same set up you do (Dakota digital gauges) and will be replacing the bulbs with LED. I’m glad you asking this in case I run into problems too.