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    power window

    The picture you show is correct for 69 & 70 b-body door window glass with power regulators.The adjustable piece hits the down stop bolted to the bottom of the door shell inside the door.
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    SOLD 1969-1970 Auto Console Top - SWEET!

    PM also sent.
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    WTB Looking for 70 orange 440 pie tin

    They don't have any 70 orange magnum tins.I checked.
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    WTB 68-70 B-body Black carpet

    I know this is a long shot but.I'm looking for a mint original black carpet,front and back for my 70 Charger R/T.My car is a bucket seat console automatic.I would really like to find one in that configuration.This doesn't need to out of a Charger most other b-body 2dr hardtops will be the same.I...
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    727 builder in PHX metro area?

    Are you near Queen Creek?
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    Wiper hitting windshield trim!

    Original arms are stamped 15b where the blade attaches
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    Power Window Wire Routing?

    The wiring for the rear switches goes between the plastic water shield and the door panel.It makes the panel bulge a little bit,but thats how it goes.I have my original door panels and you can see the rub marks on the back from the harness.
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    1970 GTX rear defroster

    Mark,the switch for the rear defogger goes to the left of the heater control not the right.I have a template here.(somewhere) if you need.Let me know by PM if you do. John
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    Connecting Rod Bearings

    Bob, The standard bearings are Sealed Power and the .001 unders are Fed Mogul. Both sets are Tri-Metal The mains are 1/2 groove,OE Mopar Clearance on the mains is .0025 Restored car,Street driven,no track time
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    Connecting Rod Bearings

    Doug,haven't got that far yet,will know this weekend when I get into it further
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    Connecting Rod Bearings

    I'm starting to assemble my 440 short block.Crank is in and rods and pistons are next.My question is,can you use a standard size insert on 1 half of the rod and a .001 under on the other side to adjust clearance.If so,where would you put the larger shell.I'm not saying I have to,just want to...
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    Looking for Lost Engines and Transmission

    I'm looking for my 440 block and 383 block and 23 spline trans The VIN on the 440 block is 0G177062 The VIN on the 383 block and trans is 0G241962 If anyone has any of these,please PM me here,Thanks,John
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    Looking for Lost Broadcast Sheets

    I'm looking for 2 broadcast sheets. XS29U0G177062 XP29N0G241962 If anyone has either of these,Please PM me here.Thanks,John.
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    70 Charger R/T S.E.

    See my other post for pics of my 70 500.
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    70 Charger 500 383 4 speed w/a.c.

    Pete,you asked so here they are.This is my 70 Charger 500 383 4 speed w/a.c.
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    70 Charger R/T S.E.

    Quick bio on my car.70 R/T S.E. FK-5,black gut and black top.#'s matching U-code 440, 727trans..Factory options are A.C,cruise,Am-Fm radio,luggage rack.Owner added options 6-way seat,power windows.rear defog,vacuum trunk release,console mount performance indicator,headlamp delay pkg,front...
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    70 Charger R/T S.E.

    Pics of my car,in process.Hope to have it done for this summer. John.
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    A/C Hose Restoration 70 B-Body

    Who is the best at restoring a/c hoses.I wouild like them to look like they did when the car was built.Thanks,John.
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    70 440 Main Bearing Question

    This is a stock rebuild street motor that will not see any track time
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    70 440 Main Bearing Question

    I'm rebuilding the 440 in my 70 Charger.What should I use for main bearings,1/2 groove or full groove?I have both available to me,I know these were originally built with 1/2 groove bearings but that was 50 years ago and things change.All opinions welcome.Thanks,John.