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    FOR SALE (4) 3580071 15x7 Mopar rallye wheels

    Original set of Mopar 3580071 15x7 rallye wheels.... all 4 dated 2/3/72. Excellent shape. Use as is or restore for a show car. $875/BO + shipping from MI 48837. Can deliver to the Mopar Nats. PM me for more details. Joe
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    WTB 70 B body rallye dash glove box parts needed

    Looking for a couple 70 B body rallye dash glove box door latch/catch wires (see photos). Also buying damaged 70 rallye glove box doors to save the lock, hinge and other hardware. Also interested in other 70 rallye dash parts. Let me know what you have. PM me with details. Thanks! Joe
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    WTB Wtb rallye dash complete

    Rod - PM me with what you are looking for. I can provide a fully restored ready to install solution if that is what you need. Joe
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    FOR SALE 1969 & 1970 440 HP exhaust manifold San Jose, CA.

    FYI - You have one 69 model manifold #900 and one 70 manifold 2951865. So not really a matching set. The passenger side correct part number for 70 model year 2899879.
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    Fender tag, VIN and build sheet match. Body stamps do not

    Without seeing any photos of the car or numbers in $$$ is on a factory mis-stamp.
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    FOR SALE Original set of (4) 15"x3" deep polished trim rings 3461043

    Nice original set of (4) 3461043 15" x 3" deep polished trim rings. Great as is for a driver/survivor or restore them for a show car. All 4 rings have some minor blemishes as expected for 50+ years old. Hard to find a nicer original set these days. $895/BO + shipping from MI 48837. PM me for...
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    70 Passenger Bucket Seat Tracks

    they look correct to me...
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    Tic toc tack, new OER #1277441

    If the car did not have a tach previously you will need a tach harness. it is separate from the dash wire harness as the tach was optional. They are available on Ebay and other places. 68-70 harness is the same.
  9. 70gtx440dana

    Tic toc tack, new OER #1277441

    Check out this thread: Link
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    Fender tag, VIN and build sheet match. Body stamps do not

    There are many known factory misstamps out there. Fender tags and body stamps. Possible your car is original and is another example of one.
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    FOR SALE 68-89 Woodgrain steering wheel

    Yes....still available. PM me for details.
  12. 70gtx440dana

    FOR SALE 68-89 Woodgrain steering wheel

    Still available.... BTT
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    SOLD 1970 440-4 Carter AVS 4737s with solenoid and factory intake

    Very nice early take-off complete carb and intake assembly for 1970 440-4 barrel 4 speed applications. Carter AVS 4737S dated H9 (August 1969). Intake is dated 9/69. Also includes correct factory idle solenoid. I am pretty sure the carb has never been dismounted. Awesome setup for someone...
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    WTB 1972 charger headlight relay ( w concealed lights )

    Message me...I have used and rebuilt original relays to offer. Joe
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    WTB 69 GTX interior parts

    Scott....message me if the above options do not work out for you. I have sweet kick panels and sun visors in black. I live near Lansing if you are near and can pick up. $70 for kick panels and $50 for sunvisors. Joe
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    1970 A/G switch

    Here is a bit of help: