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    15 x 5.5 Steel Wheels

    I found these buried in my garage, from years ago. Can anyone ID them, as far as year, or model ? Thanks

    FOR SALE Mopar Collector's Guide Mags

    I have several years of MCG Magazines, that I need to get rid of. Included in this bargain, are some other Mopar, Auto, and AMA publications. I can deliver these to the Tent at Carlisle, hopefully on Thursday afternoon/evening. I have to post a price, so $1, or bring some beers to pass around...

    Who has E bodies? Let’s see.

    '70 RT/SE, BB, 4spd, 1of 400...

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Watched the Sunset on a nice evening, and the Sunrise this morning...

    New member 63 Savoy MW

    Welcome from WNY ! Get those pics on, never enough MW to go around !!!

    FOUND Hubcaps

    If Steve doesn't have them, I think I have 2 sets of these...


    Mike, not to be a Dream Killer, but I spoke with the Tremec Team at the Autorama in Detroit, earlier this year, seeking info on a similar set up for my '65. They do not currently offer a 5/6 "TKx" for any mid '60s Mopars, and said "No real future plans" to offer them. They said it may be...

    Legendary Interiors

    Does Legendary make the panels, or sub them out ? I had to go with SMS, as they did not offer my year, or model...

    Happy Birthday Red63440

    Happy B-Day Red, and Many More Great Ones to Ya' !!!
  10. VANDAN

    Legendary Interiors

    Just curious, how long was the wait ?
  11. VANDAN

    Stock Hemi Rotating Assembly

    I've been waiting for a local acquaintance, to help me with the dis-assembly. He has some Family related health issues, so hoping to get into it soon. He's very familiar with hemis, so I'm willing to wait this out for a bit longer...
  12. VANDAN

    Floor pan options

    I've heard there are some Salvage Yards up your way, that specialize in older Mopars ? You could try locating one from there, but the time, and effort may be better off spent just calling Kramer's. I know Joe Suchy used to have some on hand also ?
  13. VANDAN

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Flag Day Today ! Went to our local VFW, for Old Glory Retirements, with the Help from a Girl Scout Troop. America at it's Best !!!
  14. VANDAN

    Chrysler's at Carlisle 2022 Tent Activities

    From here, it looks like the same location as last year ? Thanks for posting it !
  15. VANDAN

    Colin Kaepernick Transitions In Order To Make Carolina Panthers Cheer Squad

    If you don't know by now, the NFL, and All other Major League Sports, are Woken Members, of the New World Order. IF You are supporting these Traitors, than You are Also Woke, and a Traitor Against Our Nation, and Constitutionally GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
  16. VANDAN

    Summer heat and working in the shop

    I just insulated my garage, and finished the walls & ceiling. I've kept the doors closed on hot, humid days, and it's been like having A/C in there. Hope it works half as well when those long runs of dog days get here ???
  17. VANDAN

    I miss talkin bout cars......

    I picked up my front seat base, I had in for repair, so I got that installed this weekend. I also had to weld the tab back on the exhaust tip, that I found when I stored it last Fall. I need a new battery for it, but I have a spare, so I put that in, and it should be ready to go. I've also been...
  18. VANDAN

    FOUND slant six push button 904 transmission cables and assembly inside trans

    Don, not sure what differences there are, between the PB /6 trans, and the '65 cable shift transmission ? Not sure how soon you need these items, but I will be removing the driveline on mine, hopefully soon. I will be selling off engine, trans, and all related items...
  19. VANDAN

    WTB 2008-12 Chrysler Sebring Convertable Hardtop

    My wife is retiring at the end if the year, and looking for a Sebring Hardtop Convertable, for her "winter car" in FL. Ideally looking for a low mileage, NON rustbelt car, and well maintained. Also would like to hear any input on these, as I don't know of anyone previously owning one. Thanks...
  20. VANDAN

    What car were you driving the first time you clocked 100 mph or more?

    '65 Coronet 500, 273 auto. It would bury the speedo, time & time again, back in the mid '70's. Maroon, with a black vinyl top. Hoping I find an old picture of it someday for my shop...