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    Where do the threads go?

    The homepage doesn't show new threads from general, political, and maybe others. It used to but not anymore. It was easy on the old version to see all the new posts by looking at the home page. Now if you want to see something posted in General or Political you need to go directly to those...
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    hey is is just me ?

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    hey is is just me ?

    Sorry, it's the rear ones. I was able to see them through the trunk. Twisted and popped out the light bulb with my right handed screw driver so that was a relief. The tail light/blinker housings are dry as a bone. Now my problem is finding blinker fluid in stock so i can fill up the housings...
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    hey is is just me ?

    Somebody told me i need a left handed screw driver to change the blinker fluid but i only have a right handed one. Do you guys think it'll work?
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    Brakes keeps locking up after serviced

    Did you lube the contact points where the brake shoes rub on the backing plates?
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    FOR SALE 904 Automatic Transmission from a 1971 Charger $400 + OBO

    I would put a for sale post on too if you haven't already. Might be an easier sell over there.
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    Women that you dated and the RED flags you spotted....

    Chicks that only have male friends.
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    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    Amazing looking Coronet. Would you mind sharing wheel/tire sizes? Also do you have drop spindles on the front? I like the rake you've got going. That's the stance i'd like my Coronet 500 to have someday.
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    Who Is Buying

    One Nation Under God, In God We Trust! Christianity made America great. Now we have a bunch of homos, satanists, etc, etc and we can all see the consequences.
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    Parts Cheaper on Ebay???

    I don't see a problem posting ebay links and corresponding F*BO usernames.
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    Seat belt resto

    Jacquard acid dye is made for dying synthetics and nylon. But yeah, the color may be hard to match.
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    Fender tag, VIN and build sheet match. Body stamps do not

    Suppose a car was smashed in the front and back. Radiator support and trunk gutters had to be replaced with donors. What would the consequnces be as far as title/registration? Anyone ever ran into this?
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    Steering box to K-frame stripped nuts

    Stripped out a front bumper frame hole by using a bolt with fine threads. It threaded fine until it started getting some torque on it. Oops.
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    Downsides to owning a 413?

    Not yet. Just haven't had a chance to go look yet but still planning on it. The guy doesn't have it up for sale or anything so i don't have to worry about someone else swooping in and buying it. I'll definitlly post once i check it out.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    Yeah that's probably the same guy. He lives outiside of Canby.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    There's a guy in the Portland area who i'm pretty sure has a couple polaras. I think he had one listed a while back. Might try to contact him. His name is Terry.
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    Sounds like these scientists are bored??

    These are my suggestions for the new name. Faggot Pox Cornholer Pox Salad Tosser Pox Monkey Fucker Pox Outbreak Of Monkeypox Linked To Massive Festival For The ‘Gay Fetish Community’
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    WTB pedals

    Not sure about parking pedals but 66/67 cluth/brake pedals are different. I believe 68-70 are pretty much the same. I've been told though you can take 66/67 4 speed pedals and combine them with a 68-70 automatic brake pedal assembly to create a 68-70 4 speed pedal assembly.