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    My mom thinks she saw a 69 charger 500 about half a mile from where my r/t is parked

    there are two 69 Charger 500s known to be around in germany. Both are B5 blue. One from the factory, the other one was originally Y2 yellow. There are two green ones living in England as well as one in Austria. None of them has an added v-roof Carsten
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

    I saw it in Daytona at Hanksters back in november 2019
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    New 71 Plymouth Roadrunner owner

    no, not all 71 RRs had wheel lip moldings. But they were part of the A87 decor package. So roughly 70% of all 71 RRs had them from the factory.
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    Dodge Dude truck 1970 factory stripes

    I like it, too but 28k$ is a lot of money
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    1969 Road Runner - Street Freak

    I still like it. It only needs to come down. But I would keep the paint alive Carsten
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    1968 GTX Super Track Pak

    nice looking GTX. If it was assembled in december 1967 it shouldn't have the Hurstshifter. It came later in the modelyear to substitute the t-handle shifter. It is on 15 road wheels which were not available on Mopars. They only came in 14" originally. Carsten
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    1970 Coronet Super Bee

    383 Bees have a red stripe, too Carsten
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    1970 Super Bee Fender Tag Decode Help

    cleaned :-) Carsten
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    1970 Super Bee Fender Tag Decode Help

    Before considering purchasing this car I would want to make sure the original tag is still alive Carsten
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    Van Nuys Spring Fling 2022 date is set!

    all Mopar events in germany do not allow any post 1980 Mopars so people have to come with the real stuff and not modern junk Carsten
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    1970 Super Bee Fender Tag Decode Help

    Doug do you think this fender tag is from september 1969?:eek: I think it is younger Carsten
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    Mid Mopar Meet 16./17th September 2022 Homberg/Efze germany

    last year we had around 190 cars attending (130 Mopars/60 other US classics) Here are some pics from the last years event here is a link with some more pics from last year Mitchopolis: Mid Mopar Meet ( Carsten
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    E-body bashing?

    Hi Matt, EL5 looks great. From 2005-2007 I owned a 71 Challenger R/T, too Factory EV2 orange, white top and interieur with black stripes. Factory export car to switzerland. Here is a current pic with the liscense plates of my friend who bought it from me back in 2007 Carsten
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    E-body bashing?

    I had a 70 Challenger 340 (A66 package), too with an added tuff wheel to sit better. It still wasn't nice to drive and uncomfortable (me being six feet+). So it had to go. It was my daily driver for the city. Carsten
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    Roadrunner for sale near me not mine

    I Like it and it has a lot of options. But IMHO it isn't worth 20k$ Carsten
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    New Member from Germany

    probably. The event has been organized by Markus and me together with the owner of the location (Axel). We are in the process of negotiations for this year. Carsten
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    New Member from Germany

    Welcome from Essen in germany. Have fun with your RR. Maybe you want to make a note in your calendar for september 16th/17th for the Mid Mopar Meet in Homberg/Efze not too far away from you. Carsten
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    For Sale - Not Mine *** Coronet R/T Convertible. ?

    no AMD does not make quarter panels for 1970 Coronets. Sherman is the only company who produces quarters for the 70 Coronet (if they still do) Carsten
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    For Sale over at Hemmings - 1969 Plymouth GTX Hemi with Four-Speed

    the window sticker on the F5 car looks (too) fresh to me, too. Carsten