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  1. 71SandbugCharger

    Upper Steering Bracket Painting

    All cleaned up of rust and paint. I don’t wanna pay to get it powdered-coated. Black. Rustoleum? Por-15? Other? Thanks!
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    10” Drill Press, What is a good one?

    How about Palmgren?
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    10” Drill Press, What is a good one?

    I looked at the following places, and then at the reviews. Lowes Home Depot Harbor Freight Amazon Googled “10” Drill Press reviews” Many reviews stated wobbly chucks and other issues, so I’m at a loss which ones are really good and not too expensive. For metal mostly, and some wood projects...
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    WTB Looking For a Shock Cap for an AYK Boost RC Buggy

    I can wait, and get you details, or send you one of the other three remaining. It doesn’t have to be black as a cold blackened the three.
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    WTB Looking For a Shock Cap for an AYK Boost RC Buggy

    I’m looking for a shock cap for an AYK Boost RC Buggy 1/10 scale from the ‘80’s. My buddy says he gave me four of them to cold blue but I think he may have give me three. Point is I need to find a fourth one. Happy to find someone that can mill one out of aluminum. Thanks
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    Dr. Diff

    Thanks, I told him the same, and he will do a swap for a new one. Too bad I can’t take it apart myself and put in grade 5 bolts. I saw on Rock Auto for $110 they rebuild yours. I wonder if they use good bolts. Cass told me the manufacturer too. To bad I don’t have my wholesale license yet.
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    Dr. Diff

    I got the answer, he doubts the manufacturer will warrant it, so… I wonder who the manufacturer is? I’m going to have to buy a new power brake booster… in black.
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    Dr. Diff

    Anyone know if this is covered under warranty by Dr Diff? I bought it in August, and when I tightened it to the master cylinder to less than 20 pounds, one bolt snapped. Looks like pot metal as a bolt. I replied to Dr Diff on my order email, but no one has responded as of a couple of days...
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    New Name for Auto Wholesale Business?

    I took a class, and on Friday, took the DMV test, and passed it for Auto Wholesale. Looking now to get my license set up. I’ll be able to sell to dealers and others through a dealership for the paperwork and registration. I’m looking for a catchy and easy to remember fiction business name...
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    At Big Five in California in the ‘80’s they had Russian and Chech rifles (covered in oil), I think anywhere from $70 and up depending on the grade. Problem was you had to take their safety class and registration of some sort. It added another $100 to it!
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    At least one person has stated this before. We need a Firearms forum on B-bodies! I’d be proud to not only show my Mopar accomplishments, but also my collection, and love other’s collections! It can even be in the gold section to keep atf and others from snooping!
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    FOR SALE 71 Charger For Sale

    Also, what would be good is a video of it running, and with a walk around (engine running view too). Thanks!
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    2022 Super Bowl Contest. Win Your Choice Of A PST Front End Kit or 1.03" Torsion Bars

    Rams and total points =21 Yes, there will be a lot of disappointed bowl pool square non-winners!
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    Pulled another one out of the swamp.....

    That would be my son’s dream come true, if he snagged that magnet fishing!!!
  15. 71SandbugCharger about some 'B' Body Vans.

    245 pages of vans of all types! Many great pictures and ideas! I intend on making a shag van from my Tamiya Luchbox RC van into a ‘70’s Shag Van! It may take months.
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    1971 Dodge Charger B5 Blue Tamiya Paint Equivalent

    Happy New Year! I’m building a ‘71 Charger model and making it RC. I want to paint it as close to ‘71 B5 as possible, without spending a ton of money on a custom mix. I want to spray it. Anyone have any experience with any of the Tamiya paints or Testors that were really close to B5 blue?
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    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Happy New Year and 2022!
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    Fire extinguisher- what does your car have?

    I saw these at SEMA a couple of years ago. Picked up a couple, and then ordered a box for friends.
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    SEMA 2021 Mopars - Yes, more to be found!

    Here’s some more from tonight’s Ignited event. Didn’t stay long enough to see the Electrollite Satellite come through the drive out. One AMC because it was a good one.
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    SEMA 2021 Mopars - Yes, more to be found!

    Oops, a cougar got in there!