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  1. wish4hemi

    Flat Top Battery to Fit Topper

    Maybe some help here: Refresh That New Battery With YearOne's OE Appearance Battery Topper - Mopar Connection Magazine | A comprehensive daily resource for Mopar enthusiast news, features and the latest Mopar tech
  2. wish4hemi

    WTB 440 Magnum Pie Tin

    Looking for a 440 Magnum pie tin or engine callout plate for the top of the air cleaner. See pictures below. Orange or red would be fine as the car is an early 1969 model. Classic Industries is slated to have reproductions available soon, but I'd prefer to have an original.
  3. wish4hemi

    Engine wiring harness question

    Read this. You can use those plugs on a single-sided ballast resistor just like these pictures show.
  4. wish4hemi

    Found: 440-6 727 transmission

    Not a Superbird, so the options (I think) would include: WM23V0A157816 WM21V0A157816 WS23V0A157816 WS21V0A157816 WS27V0A157816 JS23V0A157816 JS27V0A157816 XS29V0A157816 RM23V0A157816 RM21V0A157816 RM27V0A157816 RS23V0A157816 BS23V0A157816 BS27V0A157816 Not sure if Lynch Road made E-bodies.
  5. wish4hemi

    Aftermarket Superbird Wing Showcars AAR

    Did you check with the experts on the Aero car forum? They might know.
  6. wish4hemi

    Holley Hemi swap parts

    As mentioned, Milodon has options:
  7. wish4hemi

    Rode around in a new Grand Wagoneer.

    Upper crust, no doubt. Another test drive:
  8. wish4hemi

    Black alternator

    You could get one of these and change the pulley:
  9. wish4hemi

    another harness question

    A factory harness such as M&H works great with the RTX dash. Read this:
  10. wish4hemi

    Electric Exhaust cut-outs

    Patriot is another option.
  11. wish4hemi

    Crate Motor Recommendations

    Prestige is an option as well:
  12. wish4hemi

    FOUND A12 project car

    What are the details? Any more pictures? Interesting to see it sitting up on pallets.
  13. wish4hemi

    Project Unicorn - 1968 Charger Restoration

    That RTX dash is sweet. I’ve seen several get installed and they’ve all turned out great.
  14. wish4hemi

    Looking for Yellow 440-6 4 speed

    The Black Ice Superbird formerly owned by Larry Roper is now owned by Bob Jennings. I believe it’s a different car entirely and not the one the OP is looking for. I also believe that Black Ice is a U-code 4-bbl car and not V-code.,64168.150.html
  15. wish4hemi

    Looking for Yellow 440-6 4 speed

    If anyone knows where that car is, it’s the guys in the Aero Car forum:
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    More fodder on the subject:
  17. wish4hemi

    1970 GTX needs speed (cruise) control

    Dakota Digital has cruise control kits if you don’t find/require OEM parts.
  18. wish4hemi

    Tremec TKX 5 speed behind Hellcat engine?

    Check on cryogenic treatment. Not sure how much capacity it adds.
  19. wish4hemi

    Rallye Pack Dash

    If not, don’t burn money on the factory Rallye setup. Just get a Dakota RTX dash for what you have and you’ll be more than happy. Terrific pieces.
  20. wish4hemi

    Hurst Mopar Ram Rod 4 Shifter

    I ran a Ram Rod in a big block Satellite until last year. It makes the 1-2 really fun which is what I liked. The only reason I took it out was because the car had to be aligned and I thought the alignment shop wouldn’t be able to figure it out. As far as value, I think most of the eBay guys are...