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  1. wahya

    War Movies What are the Best

    Love that movie, probably watched it at least six times. Harold Russell, a non professional actor, losing both hands while serving in military won an award for that movie.
  2. wahya

    1968 318 engine + 904 transmission - what's it worth?

    My point is original has to mean something. “Finding one in the future” , not so much. Sentimental value is not what I am talking about. That being said, I am also needing to get rid of some things that I probably will never use. Btw, was that a/c working. Mine quit,Will have to get into it...
  3. wahya

    1968 318 engine + 904 transmission - what's it worth?

    I don’t know, but for some this may or may not be dumb. When I put a 360 into my Satellite, I had my trans rebuilt, had the 318 heads ported, gave the parts car transmission away. The heads are now on my 360 (runs great) and the original 318 motor is tucked away on a stand in my garage. I’m...
  4. wahya

    Air supply

    Gomer: Water and air is free...We do make a charge for gas.
  5. wahya

    Air supply

    Worse thing is , between the two of us, we had eight quarters. Put them in machine and it didn’t work. Friend says all they are going to say inside is they have no control over the air. We went across the street and there was a machine that had air for $1.50. It had a place for a credit card...
  6. wahya

    Air supply

    Went on a little road trip yesterday with a friend. I happened to notice that my friend’s dash showed low air pressure on his right front tire. We were about to get on the interstate, so we pulled into a gas station to put some air in. Mind you that a few months ago, I needed air in a tire on...
  7. wahya

    Have you been experiencing this heat wave?

    Not far from you in Apalachicola, lived a man named Gorrie who is credited with being the father of refrigeration. I grew up in south Florida and didn’t have a/c until I was about 29 years old. Now I am spoiled and can’t be without it. I wonder how overpopulated Florida would be without a/c.
  8. wahya

    My new hole in the water...

    My hole in the water is bigger than yours, be thankful. It’s taking away from needed things on my car.
  9. wahya

    My new hole in the water...

    Tried the Hull truth?
  10. wahya

    My daughter and her family are sick

    Glad to hear they are well. Just something else to ponder, now that it is leaving.
  11. wahya

    Dog poop

    When we had a couple dogs and when their leavings interfered with mowing yard or where somebody might step on it, I would wash it down into the soil with a garden hose. When camping with the Rv, I would always pick it up with plastic bag (WM) and throw it in dumpster. Wouldn’t you know, the...
  12. wahya

    Best Chest Ever.

    Knee knockers in a few years right there.
  13. wahya

    TV and Movie locations near your home . . .

    There were many movies and tv shows filmed in South Florida, but the earliest show I can remember was “Flipper”, filmed mostly in and around the Seaquarium in Miami. My friend’s father worked on a big plumbing job next to the place one summer and my friend and I rode with him to work many times...
  14. wahya

    Well, they caught them! Didn't end well...

    No, I think her “plan” was if they were about to get caught, she would shoot herself and then shoot him. End of story.
  15. wahya

    Do it while you can
  16. wahya

    Tires Are Not What they Once Were.

    I feel less likely to mount my own tires now then I did 2years ago. Wife was driving motorhome a couple of months ago and had a blowout on steering axle tire. We had just got off the interstate and on a lower speed road when it blew. Had some “expert” tell me that it was caused by low air...
  17. wahya

    Tires Are Not What they Once Were.

    No letters turning brown here(someday I’ll wash em). Just went out to the garage and looked, 44th week of 2019?. I will not buy a tire that is over 5 months old, so they have to have been on the car for over 2 years. I would had guessed at a year, time flies. When I put these tires on,I was...
  18. wahya

    5G SUCKS!

    As far as phone service goes, I would prefer to bring back my old analog bag phone, it sure sounded a lot better.
  19. wahya

    Nicest affordable places to live in the USA.

    Yeah, but then we still have the hurricanes and Seminoles. Go Noles.
  20. wahya

    Nicest affordable places to live in the USA.

    Floriduh is filled up