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  1. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Cleaned up the filler neck, side reflectors and trunk latch. Taillight housings next. Hopefully I’m driving this around soon!
  2. Bighouse

    20% off Year One today

    Had this in my email today. I just used it:
  3. Bighouse

    New floor shift console installed

    I just did the same thing to mine and 20hrs is 2.5 working days- I would agree with that if the shop isn’t too familiar with these things. It isn’t easy to lay out and weld the brackets. The hole needed has a template stamped into the floor. But those brackets have ALOT of wiggle room to get it...
  4. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Trunks painted!
  5. Bighouse

    Washers to shim castle nuts???

    Maybe some grade 8 washers? I’d be more comfortable with those at the least while I’m zooming down the highway. It probably doesn’t make a difference either way, it’s just a mental relief for me!
  6. Bighouse

    Washers to shim castle nuts???

    Maybe some hardened washers
  7. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Trunk seam sealed and epoxied. More tomorrow
  8. Bighouse

    62 Belvedere 318 poly granny cruiser (one day i hope)

    Try some vinegar in those cylinders- it’ll eat the rust. But those rockers look like they’ve been undercoated!!! Lol
  9. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Took a pause and replaced a single circuit master cylinder with a dual on my other car. Back on the Charger- prepping the trunk for painting
  10. Bighouse

    SOLD Used 2.76 gears for 489

    PM sent
  11. Bighouse

    What’s going on here??? Alternator Wiring

    Thanks- I’ve only run the car 2x when I first got it to move it onto and off of the trailer. I’ve been neck deep into quarter panels and trunk. No better in it. Im mentally preparing for getting road-ready. I’m missing all the washer stuff. Haven’t spotted a horn either now that it’s mentioned...
  12. Bighouse

    What’s going on here??? Alternator Wiring

    That’s an uncovered solder splice
  13. Bighouse

    What’s going on here??? Alternator Wiring

    1969 Charger- I assume this is some kind of one-wire conversion? I’m not up on my Mopar electrical knowledge yet. What are all the cut off wires for? Thanks!
  14. Bighouse

    69 Charger Rally Dash tic tok tach help

    The tic tok clock
  15. Bighouse

    Phosphoric inside frame?

    I used the klean strip concrete prep and had great results. Took some time. I kept it wet and flushed real well. Anything you do it better than nothing.
  16. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Back on the charger. Fitting the console before I tack the brackets in place. Looking good so far.
  17. Bighouse

    1969 Charger 340

    Took a break to do some cab corners and rockers panels on a friends truck-
  18. Bighouse

    Inner rockers question.

    +1 for epoxy.
  19. Bighouse

    Engine install from underneath

    I’ll be watching- my engine compartment and detailing is next! I enjoyed the detailed write up on the trans swap!
  20. Bighouse

    1969 Dodge Superbee found in garage

    Garage looks cleaner than the car. I’m calling BS.