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  1. JoePole

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  2. JoePole

    Ammeter issues

    Also include an inline fuseable link. Very important.
  3. JoePole

    Who has experience using the larger 11/16" tie rod ends?

    KD....I did all of the above to my 72 about 10 years ago with excellent results. My TR ends are C body and PST sleeves. Also.poly bushings throughout and 18 inch wheels and tires. I did all mods at the same time so can't compare individual mods. Next on my list is the sway bar end mod from MoPar...
  4. JoePole

    Which electronic ignition

    Something else to think about. I had the same crank but occasional no start issue as KD in post 7 and could not find the issue. I recently did an engine swap and added a ground block to the firewall and ran additional grounds from Ign Module and V reg. Also added a rear block ground to the...
  5. JoePole

    FOR SALE 5.7 oil pan and gasket New MoPar. Delivered to Carlisle.

    Brand new factory replacement oil pan and gasket for 5.7. I purchased these for my 09 Ram 1500 but will fit many years and models. Check part number for application. $90 delivered to Carlisle with advance payment. Thanks.
  6. JoePole

    FOR SALE 72 air cleaner 2bbl in great condition....Delivered to Carlisle.

    This was on my 72 318 engine. Comes with good usable filter. Great condition. A little bent where wing nut attaches. $35 delivered to Carlisle Thursday or Friday only With advanced payment. Thanks.
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    Parting out???

    FYI FBBO members, comments are not allowed in sale and wanted threads. PM if you must.
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    Parting out???

    Would you happen to have cruise control? Power trunk release?
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Had a bunch of pavers laying around for about 7 years. Finished up some hardscape around tge garden. Before and after.
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    Your opinion of the Crossfires.

    I like the convertibles with a six speed. A buddy of mine had a hard top 6 speed for about 4 years and it was a good car. No issues.
  11. JoePole

    Curing Muffler Drone - what muffler choice?

    I have a similar set-up as you. Was running Flowmaster 40's with HiPo 340 manifolds. Added H-Pipe and moved the drone up to slightly higher RPM. Swapped to Dynomax Super turbos and no more drone but very quiet. Added headers and now perfect for me plus more torque. I think the Walkers are going...
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    Carlisle parts thread question for the mods

    I would place and ad in parts for sale with "Delivered to Carlisle only" in heading. Would probably need multiples depending on mechanical/exterior/suspension, etc category. You could do the same in the wanted section. You will have to make sure everyone posting for sale and wanted follow the...
  13. JoePole

    Engine install from underneath

    KD.....Sorry about your cam issue. I just did my first engine/trans swap out of the bottom. Mine was a small block but I made a dolly out of one of those HD type 6 wheel rolling carts someone was selling on CL. Hard to see but I also added more bracing from the upright to the base. The threaded...
  14. JoePole

    Ronnie Hawkins will not be down...

    Good run for a Rocker of that time. He was great in The Last Waltz which is also an excellent Rockumentary. RIP
  15. JoePole

    Modern seats

    Heated seats are nice but in my car with it's black interior and vinyl top it gets hot. Looking for a set of ventilated or cooled seats. Anybody using a set and how do you control them without today's electronics (can/bus, etc)?
  16. JoePole

    Borescope recommendation

    We use one at work made by Rigid (Home Depot) and it works excellent. Lists for about $100.
  17. JoePole

    Slapstick shifter issue

    Got to digging after you mentioned bushings. Something didn't feel right at the shifter so I pulled the console. My crappy welds that I did when I switched from column to floor let go when I dropped the engine/trans. Had to partially take the interior out and re-weld. Still look crappy but solid...
  18. JoePole

    Slapstick shifter issue

    Having issues with my slap stik shifting after engine swap. This was working fine when I removed the engine and trans. I believe my lower linkage rod got bent while removing and the shifting feels vague and doesn't always place the trans at the proper detent. I bent mine back to what I believe...
  19. JoePole

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Good Advice!!! AVOID Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg!!!! Plenty of other great roads and scenery down that way.