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  1. mrhemi

    Western Ontario Mopar Owners show at Sparta, Ontario

    Great update Dave. I wanted to be there as well, but an unexpected project took me across the continent for a couple of months. I shouldn't answer my phone and stay retired. Lol.
  2. mrhemi

    Freaking Oil Prices / Oil to Electric Conversion

    They are a bit of a ponzi scheme unleashed on the rate payers of Ontario. Very difficult and expensive to get out of the contract when the time comes. If there is one in a property you are purchasing, best make it a condition of sale that it is cancelled and removed at the seller's expense.
  3. mrhemi

    Freaking Oil Prices / Oil to Electric Conversion

    Unfortunately there is no easy one size fits all answer to your dilemma. You will get many differing opinions. Access the forum link below. It may give you some insight, as it is inhabited by professionals as well as the unwashed seeking information. Most contributors seem to be in the north...
  4. mrhemi

    68 charger advice.

    Or you can use Rust Check or Crown Rust Protection as well, available in rattle cans. Will last longer than WD40 and has better creep properties.
  5. mrhemi

    Engine install from underneath

    Did your setup fit between the tread plates of your 4 post lift?
  6. mrhemi

    68-69 hemi positive battery cable from classic industries

    If you are talking Hemi car and you still have the direct drive starter, the wire terminals that connect to the starter solenoid are different. Not sure if lengths are different as well.
  7. mrhemi

    SOLD 3 shift rods for a Mopar 4 speed trans

    Those do not appear to be from a B body 833 from '64 - '70.
  8. mrhemi

    Metal vs Wood Garage ? What would u do?

    My 26 x 48 shop is attached to the house. 2 x 6 frame construction, clad with pre-finished wood siding to match the house. Inside I finished the walls and ceiling in metal siding. Makes it very easy to surface run all electrical in conduit and also a bit of fire resistance. Industrial chic look.
  9. mrhemi

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    3: '69 Charger R/T, 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD Limited & 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD Sport.
  10. mrhemi

    cleaning the outside of A-12 survivor carbs

    Lestoil is similar to Pinesol but not the same.
  11. mrhemi

    Gross Vehicle Mass Certificate for 1970 Charger R/T

    That should be listed in the owner's manual if you have one, or in the 1970 FSM.
  12. mrhemi

    cleaning the outside of A-12 survivor carbs

    If it is just the crud and gas varnish you are trying to remove from the outside of the carbs, you can use a 50/50 mix of Lestoil and warm water sprayed on, soak for 15 min., scrub with a soft bristle brush, rinse with warm water.
  13. mrhemi

    Making hole in headliner

    Second the use of an awl. The only holes needing a larger cut are for the shoulder harness anchor bolts.
  14. mrhemi

    Shock eyelet size

    Rockauto ships to Canada for quite reasonable. They collect the HST at purchase so it arrives at your door with no extra bs charges.
  15. mrhemi

    SOLD 69 B Body Rally Dash Cluster Bezel Part 2927993 63388 - Really Nice

    That is for a 1969 only, not 1968 as indicated.
  16. mrhemi

    NOS Quarters what are they worth?

    Another thing to consider is shipping. If theses NOS panels are nearby and you can pick them up, you are ahead by eliminating shipping costs with repops.
  17. mrhemi

    How do you guys clean your engines?

    50/50 mix of Lestoil and water. Spray on and let soak for 15 min., then rinse with garden hose.
  18. mrhemi

    B Body Factory Hemi H Pipe.

    There is now an ad with photos in the For Sale section.
  19. mrhemi

    FOR SALE !969 OEM B Body Hemi H Pipe USED.

    See my post in the Exhaust Forum. This H pipe was purchased new from Chrysler in about 1980. Installed on my Charger about 40 years ago. About 19000 miles. Always garaged, never been in the rain. I have replaced my entire exhaust system with a reproduction. This is too good to disposed of. The...
  20. mrhemi

    B Body Factory Hemi H Pipe.

    Nick is in that "other country, Quebec", but I will get in touch with him.