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    Remember with a 4 speed some loss of low end torque is acceptable. Higher rpm and the bigger powerband is a slight tap of the clutch away, and a launch rpm is whatever you want it to be, so go with the cam that will give you the longest consistent powerband you can get with the limitations of...
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    Green bearing install

    I have done it both ways at home and taken to a shop, just be ready when they pop if you are using a press only! I found it was way easier to go to my local garage on a Saturday with a 30 pack and let them do the next set.:drinks:
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    were have the B intakes gone

    If your still looking i have an old 383 torker on the shelf..
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    Where to find list of parts needed

    As for a list you have all the main stuff start at the top and go down Air cleaner, carb, Carb Spacer?, intake manifold valve covers, gaskets... you get the idea. Anything else you need from alt & PS mounts & hoses to a Complete ARP engine bolt and nut kit you can get on the summit (Recommend)...
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    Engine Lift Plates?

    Never had a problem, Not saying you cant, but i have never had a problem.
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    OK, Wizzards

    I have read all the reply's and not really found a direct answer to your question. There is a ton of really good information, but if you are looking for an answer to the question on what cam someone has run and had luck with that fits your parameters I would say the comp cams 274/286, Lift...
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    CalTrac's or Assassin Bars

    Those are sweet 60's on street tires!! I am not doing any "real" street racing just stoplight stuff and I was launching consistently hard left (well a strong drift anyway) with the cal trac I have been able to correct that and am not worried about a "Mustang doughnut" when I get on it.
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    CalTrac's or Assassin Bars

    I run the cal tracs on my 69 bee w a 512 stroker i am in the mid 500's for HP with street tires and a 4 speed after some initial adjustment, most important, i can launch straight, while I still have wheel spin (on demand) but it is more important to me to stay straight..
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    Comment by 'MelroseMopar' in item 'My B Body Journey..'

    Thanks for the heads up! i had heard that but of course was like maybe it will work with mine... I am just going to get it ordered right away..Thanks
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    FOR SALE Gauge Cluster Restoration Service

    Do you buy cores gauges or related?
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    The Black Ghost , Great Watch

    Its all about the story a mystery that reappeared form time to time and dominated the streets it drove on. It grew into a local legend that spread across the country. At a time when storys were past down from person to person no internet. That and who the man was, his story is just as cool as...
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    First Timer B Body

    A Big Hello for Wisconsin! You will find more information at your fingertips on these pages that you thought possible, it has truly helped me get my car to a place that i didn't think possible. Good luck with your build!
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    Newbie to b bodies

    Welcome From Wisconsin!!
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    Any recommendations on header back exhaust systems?

    Your right I also had to trim my ends to install the tips I had forgotten..
  15. My B Body Journey..

    My B Body Journey..

    My set up starts with a 1969 Dodge Coronet with a Superbee stripe, Badging and an a12 hood. Now that we have that out in the open.... I stiffened up the car with front and rear torque boxes and subframe connectors. It has a 1976 440 with a 512 stroker 440 source kit with the 440 source Stealth...
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    New Guy here, seeking a ‘69 to make my retirement car

    Well that's what I get for not reading them all!! Thanks for the heads up!! Wow that looks pretty sweet.. guess we didn't have to warn him about sticker shock..:lol:
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    Any recommendations on header back exhaust systems?

    FWIW I would go as far as to blindly recommend the TTI system for your application. I have never owned the year in question but the several TTI Systems I have installed on 68-72 b bodies leaves no doubt as to the consistent quality of there products. My latest set of TTI's were installed on a 69...
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    Rear End Temperature

    This is awesome information! I have also inadvertently touched my differential and was surprised at how warm it was and wondered if it was normal I checked fluid level and it was good and looked ok so i left it but wondered..
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    New Guy here, seeking a ‘69 to make my retirement car

    Hello From Wisconsin hope you find one and make it yours!!