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  1. 70ChargeDodger

    2022 Carlisle thread

    Got my letter and my showfield/camping stickers in the mail today, planning to drive my 70 Bee down from T.O. for my first Carlisle. Looking forward to meeting some FBBO folks in person.
  2. 70ChargeDodger

    Cooling system update

    Thanks for this, I am about to bite the bullet and buy a Cold Case Rad for my 70 Bee, let us know how it works on the road, cheers.
  3. 70ChargeDodger

    Max tire size, I'm breaking my brain

    It's a pretty good drawing actually. My 2 Chargers have 275/60/15 w/ lots of room to spare on 8" rims, w/ approx. 4-4 1/2 backspace. That is the sort of standard as I am sure you know. I am always looking for 10" rims w/ the correct backspace (4 1/2- 5 1/2?). Tires also seem to go up in price...
  4. 70ChargeDodger


    Congrats, nice looking car and hello from T.O. hope to see it at Moparfest this year!
  5. 70ChargeDodger

    New Roadrunner. Do I keep the Charger?

    Here's my 2 cents, I have a 68 and a 70 Charger and added a 70 Super Bee recently. Non of my cars is perfect but they are all on the road and I like them all for different reasons. For now, I enjoy working on them and chasing parts, I like the hobby. If I ever need to sell I will but for now...
  6. 70ChargeDodger

    My 1968 Charger

    Welcome to the club.
  7. 70ChargeDodger

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    3 1/2 (my sons car)
  8. 70ChargeDodger

    Taylor Hawkins won’t be down for breakfast

    Love Foo Fighters and the best drummer in the business...
  9. 70ChargeDodger

    1966 Coronet Tire/Wheel Combo

    The 15 x 8" Torq Thrust were 4 1/2 backspace (I believe), sold them and bought 15 x 7" (which actually fit worse as they have less backspace) The 66 Coronet rear wheel wells are tight, I can't see getting a 275/60/15 back there w/o modifying. I run 275's on my Chargers w/ room to spare
  10. 70ChargeDodger

    What is your ride height?

    70 Charger 25 1/2 front and 26 1/2 rear 68 Charger 24 1/4 front and 26 1/2 rear But not exact from side to side and I need to lower the 70 in front apparently...
  11. 70ChargeDodger

    1966 Coronet Tire/Wheel Combo

    The biggest tire we put on the back of our 66 Coronet was a 255/60/15 on 15 x 8" American Racing Torq Thrust's and had a bit of rubbing on one side. We went to a 235/70/15 just to be safe, cheers.
  12. 70ChargeDodger

    New member From Ontario, Canada It"s the biggest show around here and the swapmeet is awesome, bring a list of what you need and lots of cash.
  13. 70ChargeDodger

    New member From Ontario, Canada

    Howdy from T.O. and congrats on the car, hope to see you and your car at Moparfest in 2022!
  14. 70ChargeDodger

    Carlisle Registration 20% Off Ends Today

    I registered w/ FBBO as my club, hope the border stays open!
  15. 70ChargeDodger

    Worth it? 1970 Coronet 500. $12,500

    Good luck, looks solid, I would get it running, drive it and fix it at your own pace. (and remove the side trim...)
  16. 70ChargeDodger

    Torq Thrust D rims and backspace? (sorry, I had to)

    My 2 cents, we have a 66 Coronet sedan and ran 255/60/15 Cooper Cobra on 8" Torque Thrust w/ 4.5" backspace, just a touch of rubbing occasionally on the passenger side (1/2 difference side to side). Switched to 7" Torque Thrust w/ 235/70/15 BFG and it was worse because of less backspace on the...
  17. 70ChargeDodger

    The Bee in the Barn

  18. 70ChargeDodger

    New Canadian B Body Owner

    Welcome from Toronto, nice ride!
  19. 70ChargeDodger

    So I bought a 70 Super Bee...

    I have to admit I find the 70 Coronet station wagon super cool and my son has a 66 Coronet 4 dr sedan which looks great as a 4 door in my opinion.
  20. 70ChargeDodger

    So I bought a 70 Super Bee...

    I have a 68 and a 70 Charger and I can't decide which I like better, they are so different. The 68 is a survivor and the 70 was a parts car. I like driving the 70 and I am less afraid of it getting damaged. The 68 is cool because it hasn't been apart or messed with and lines are so crisp.