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    Turn signals

    Have a wire with alligator clips foot or so long to create a quick ground check; I've verified a few grounding problems this way. As posted, checking for good ground is usually the first thing to look for.
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    Tapered axle upgrade??

    I installed a '65 Coronet rear and '64 sure-grip in my '63 20+ years ago to dump the tapered. Perfect bolt in. Some years later, was talked into green bearings I did NOT need. First set tanked after 700 miles. 2nd set has around 3k so far so good. Lol, do a search on bearings on this forum...
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    hey is is just me ?

    My dad was a mechanical talent and picky about his work, watching him do many things growing up. He started as a T&D apprentice at 18 years old in 1935 at the American Can Co thanks to his uncle helping him snag the job. Back then it was rare luck finding any job in the middle of the depression...
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    hey is is just me ?

    Agree, I’ve found some great help on tube the past few years for repairing my garage furnace and rebuilding my plow motor. Sometimes it takes patient surfing until a well-done one by someone who knows their stuff pops…btw can be a hoot for laughs with some brainless hacks that know how to make a...
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    hey is is just me ?

    Some of the most, ahh, insightful posts address advice about women. I've noticed a shortage of...women...on the forum. What fun that would be to get into debates with women about women, lol
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    hey is is just me ?

    Agree. Some are entering the hobby without any prior knowledge or experience hoping to make their start. We all did the same. On the other hand, it gets to become a circus if someone posts “My car won’t start; what could be the problem?” lol
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    Occasional clunking in the back end

    Try putting car in neutral before slowing to turn to see if the clunk goes away. Possibility of the trans downshifting noise. Check u-joints on driveshaft. Could be the lash wasn’t set properly as another possibility – sure grips are a trick compared GM/Ford posi’s. Adding gear additives are...
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    Does your engine burn much oil?

    Have had two Hyundai Sonata’s with the six engine – best rides I’ve owned in a long list of vehicles in all the 45 years considering maintenance/repairs. When I got the 1st one (an ’07) impressed me enough to get another; but wanted the six, not 4 motor, so I hunted for an ’09 being the last...
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    RAM Shopping

    Last year was looking around for a Ram new or used. While I could afford to fork out, it just bugged me what prices were with some comparison with my old Dakota Laramie all-optioned, AWD, with 80K – but rusting looking like chit. And the size of the Dakota after having 1500’s, suits my needs 90%...
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    Does your engine burn much oil?

    Sore subject after getting my daughter a used SUV she loved, ’06 Honda CRV. This was a few months before we would be moving her to Miami for a job out of college. Being pretty routine checking fluids, found her CRV was down 2 quarts of oil after she had driven maybe 1,000 miles. Filled it up...
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Yep, feel the same w/ an engine lift and one I have probably 20 years old I got a sweet deal on, easily disassembles for stowing if space is a hassle. I wasn't given sons; but two beautiful daughters, thinking some young un sons might be around to help their old man. Lol, I have a buddy with...
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Unless there’s some need to be in a hurry, I’m pretty methodical – anal. Yeah slow. Good buddy who knows cars and I have worked together on several projects and we can drive each other nuts (pun?). He’s always in a rush and I can irritate him and his rush can piss me off, especially if some...
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    Attn: woodworkers- need router bit to make simple baseboard please

    You consider a simple beveled or radiused edge if you're not wanting too fancy?
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Good advice. Though when I’ve encountered hassles where some serious thinking is necessary for some way out of my dilemma…I shout some expletives, maybe throw a wrench (in a safe direction) piss & moan some more, depending on how much deep-shit I’m in to get out, and then it usually comes to me...
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    My son had a really big party last night, then this happened.

    SWEET Steve - congrats! And ya might win first place for one post with the most 'likes'. To forum staff: Send Steve a coffee mug or something huh? Or? Set of ginzoo knifes, copper cookware, toaster, ya know, something for the new couple...
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    Name that tune

    "I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack" Side note: Something those who are insanely wealthy might keep in mind, lol
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    When wrenching consider what if’s: If my hand slips off the wrench, or bolt breaks…where is my hand going to end up? Whenever possible use a longer wrench or a pipe extension to increase leverage and thereby, less effort at least when trying to crack the bolt free. Look at possible options...
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    What happened to the link up top to “recent posts”? It now only has “New Posts” - not the same.

    I’d like quick-links to dating (as opposed to just looking) some of the older broads posted and for unhealthy food/liquor delivery services..
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    New Member

    Welcome - great car ya have. Just suggest removing your tie before doing a tune-up. No doubt though, if this forum had a best-dressed thread - you'd win 1st place.
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Looks like nice Charger you have. As you ponder on your working environment limitations, what is it that you want to do with your ride? Remove the engine, or parts of it, rear-end, trans, re-do the suspension, brakes? What do you think you can do and not do – considering the resto or repair...