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  1. moes

    Occasional clunking in the back end

    Did they use a friction modifier?
  2. moes

    1970 GTX Hood stripes

    A friend painted his 70 GTX earlier this year and this is what he went by. I told him to contact Performance Car Graphics PCG and this is what they sent him.
  3. moes

    Speedometer Question on GTX

    2892093 transmission is a well-built unit, on street tires you should have no problems. The problem occurs when you have slicks (sticky tires) and you launch the car hard and the tires don't spin, that's when parts in the transmission start to break!!
  4. moes

    Speedometer Question on GTX

    Transmission 2892094 for a 1969 Hemi 426 Dodge 1969-426 Plymouth 1969-426 Hemi Transmission has 21/2 in wide kick down band, 5.1 kick down lever and 5 clutch front drum, 4 pinions front, rear, and takes a 19 spline converter.
  5. moes

    Speedometer Question on GTX

    Transmission 2892093 is correct for your car Chrysler 1969 8-440-375HP Dodge 1969 8-440 Plymouth 1969 8-383 4BC-335HP Plymouth 1969 8-440
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  7. moes

    Wheel Wednesday

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    I’m frustrated so I’m cutting this wire!

    Tony 69. You should use a fusible link that it 4 time smaller than your AWG wire size. Us an AWG 16 fusible link to protect AWG 12 wire. You want the fusible link to blow first, so you don't fry your wire and anything else.
  9. moes

    Plymouth dusters ?

    They are a fun car to drive. 1970 340 Duster Clone
  10. moes

    Shock eyelet size

    Rear shock uppers bolts are 1/2-13 X 2.75" lg phosphate
  11. moes

    Window fuzzy

    You can do them with the window in place
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    GTX questions

  13. moes

    Edelbrock 750 lean condition

    He might get away with just a metering rods change, too. He should have the Edelbrock chart that helps with installing the correct metering rods for different situations. An air fuel ratio gauge is a great tool, it allows you to see when it goes lean or rich.
  14. moes

    741 Question??? On street tires and an auto transmission, you will have no problems. They start to break when you have a manual transmission and the tires have good grip (slicks). Had a 741 - 3.91 gears in a 70 Challenger 440 and a 727 on BFG...
  15. moes

    Looking for a switched constant 12V wire

    This should help you, found this years ago when a friend was hooking up a MSD distributor red wire.
  16. moes

    Whats missing

    Nothing is missing, It looks like somebody drilled those holes for some reason.
  17. moes

    1970 Super Bee C Stripe dealt with them a couple of times a few years ago, no problems
  18. moes

    Seat height question

    My 1970 Sport Satellite with bucket seats had little round black spacers installed from the factory to raise the seat height. I removed them to lower the seat for more headroom. I'm sure they used them for bench seats too. Check and see if your car has them? I just checked my 1970 Coronet, it...
  19. moes

    WTB Wanted please a 727 manual VB

    Jim914 has a Full manual, reverse valve body,for 1964,1965 727. That is why I asked what year of 727 he had.
  20. moes

    WTB Wanted please a 727 manual VB

    What year is your 727?