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  1. The Rebel

    Looking for my 1970 Challenger

    Having the vin will help the search.
  2. The Rebel

    Glad to be here with my 1-of-1 64 Plymouth Fury Wagon

    Welcome aboard! I love this story!
  3. The Rebel

    Another Kiwi on board.A couple

    Welcome aboard and beautiful car, let's see some more pics! What's the history of the car & when did it get to NZ?
  4. The Rebel

    IBM Card received today from Historical Services

    We all hear that 1968 and up were lost but has Chrysler ever explained what happened. My car was but in Jan of 68 any chance they might have my records?
  5. The Rebel

    New guy in Prescott, AZ

    Welcome aboard & THANK YOU for your service! :usflag:
  6. The Rebel

    missing broadcast sheet XX29L9B40296 for 69 Charger Daytona

    Did a google search & found this. **UPDATE** "Fraudulent" Advertisement for a Daytona is REAL (
  7. The Rebel

    Happy Birthday Billccm

    Happy Birthday Bill! :bday::bday::bday::bday::bday::bday:
  8. The Rebel

    New Member Intro

    Welcome aboard! Love your cars!
  9. The Rebel

    1968 Charger the start

    PK = Kokomo IN Plant 2801543 = Part # A727 1967-68 for 383-2 BBL. Not sure what the J means. 2266 = Wednesday October 11, 1967 1720 = 1,720th transmission built that day
  10. The Rebel

    1968 Charger the start

    I love that you're going to put it all back together using as much as you can of the OEM parts. Why was it taken off the road back in 77, gas prices being high (like now, lol!)?
  11. The Rebel

    Happy Birthday DADSBEE

    Happy Birthday Wayne! :bday::bday::bday::bday::bday::bday:
  12. The Rebel

    Mopars In Motion - 5/21-22

    Last of them
  13. The Rebel

    Mopars In Motion - 5/21-22

    Was an ok show today heat & humidity were a bit much, but the clouds did move in for a while so that was a welcome relief. Got there at 8 and it started to fill up as the morning went by. Ralph as always does a great job. I'm not a fan or all the modern stuff there but it does help pay for the...
  14. The Rebel

    1968 Charger the start

    WTG on the 68. Looking forward to your updates!
  15. The Rebel

    Mopars In Motion - 5/21-22

    Same here Eric!
  16. The Rebel

    Mopars In Motion - 5/21-22

    That's horrible but glad no one was hurt.