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  1. Charlie Hughes

    WTB 72 Charger wiper mechanisms

    I have the wiper pivot/mechanisms pieces that you need
  2. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 71-74 Strat-O Vent dash insert

    Interested can you message me
  3. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 71-4 b body dash with woodgrain insert and Superbee Emblem

    Would you ship this if I paid for it
  4. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 1973 Charger Rallye Partout

    Passenger side inner sail panel piece
  5. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 71-74 satellite dash emblem

    Nice piece. Has all 3 pegs intact. Located in Md $25
  6. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 73-74 charger rear edge of fender trim

    $20 a pair. Pick which pair you want. Located in Md
  7. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE Charger SE hood emblem

    2 to pick from. They aren’t perfect but harder to find. $15 each. Located in Md
  8. Charlie Hughes

    SOLD 71-74 rallye headlight knob

    $10 plus shipping
  9. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 71-74 ashtray receiver

    $5 plus shipping
  10. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 71-74 rallye clusters

    Have 4 to pick from. Condition is unknown. $100 each
  11. Charlie Hughes

    WTB 1973 Dodge Charger SE Hood and fender chrome

    I’ve got 3 out of the 4 fender trims
  12. Charlie Hughes

    ‘73 Taillight housing woes

    Can you private message me
  13. Charlie Hughes

    SOLD 72-74 charger turn lights

    Can you message me. I’m interested
  14. Charlie Hughes

    ‘73 Taillight housing woes

    I’ve got a good passenger side I’m gonna sell
  15. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE Slapstick shifter

    Located in Md. $35
  16. Charlie Hughes

    SOLD Slapstick shifter and linkage

    $75. Shifters works nice
  17. Charlie Hughes

    SOLD 71-74 console

    Very nice original. No cracks or breaks. $220
  18. Charlie Hughes

    FOR SALE 2- slapstick shifter indicators

    $25 each plus shipping