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  1. Under Pressure

    Woody Williams the last WWII MoH won't be down!

    Thank you for your bravery. R.I.P and god bless you sir
  2. Under Pressure

    "Please S T O P saying this" thread.

    I wish these sayings would go away, - it’s a game changer - so on and so forth - reach across the aisle - it checks all the boxes
  3. Under Pressure

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    My friend just got from a estate sale Survivor except for scoop
  4. Under Pressure

    Where did you and your car go today

    Motor Muster at Henry Ford/Greenfield Village yesterday, Granddaughter helping out.
  5. Under Pressure

    Fender tag, VIN and build sheet match. Body stamps do not

    30 years ago I restored a 68 Cutlass W31 Ram Rod 350 4 speed that was pretty rare. It was a front and rear collision car, I replaced the drivers full rear qtr and bumpers etc. and right front with a donor car. As far as I was concerned it was still the same rare car except it had been wrecked...
  6. Under Pressure

    Need help she wont turn over

    Or possibly neutral safety switch, just pull harness off trans, spray with contact cleaner, plug back in. Been there a couple times
  7. Under Pressure

    Necessity is the mother of invention

    Wanted a clean way of changing PS fluid, cleaned up this battery powered weed killer sprayer and emptied the pump, added more fluid and cycled lock to lock a a couple times, refilled Worked pretty cool
  8. Under Pressure

    Just in case I disappear in a day or two . . .

    Respond, “And now authorities have your IP address, the Internet cafe you sent from, and the un-crypted account you gave” Have a nice day!
  9. Under Pressure

    Production #

    Got the 2nd one here, 2/19/70 lol. My understanding is also less than 1%, and there are 9 in the registry. Mine is TX9 over B5, should show on your fender tag and your broadcast if you have. Few years ago I met a guy that worked at lynch road in the 60’s and 70’s and told me they were known as...
  10. Under Pressure

    GRaveyard Kars

    After watching these car shows a lot, I only enjoy Roadkill, Engine masters, Full Custom Garage, and Garage Squad now. Off my radar is, Texas Metal, Bitchin Rides, Iron Resurrection, GYC, and Overhaulin. I’m just not interested in bagging, slamming or lifting everything, and or over acting...
  11. Under Pressure

    What do you think?

    Beautiful car, all it needs is my name on the title Just kidding, car is well done!
  12. Under Pressure

    Need Advice on Best Home A/C Brand -

    Lot of sound advice here, my 2 cents: We’re an Oxbox distributor, a Trane product that we have product sales/success with. An equal in price to Goodman, quality seems very good based on lack of any negative contractor feedback, and the lack of replacement part sales to our contractors. 1.5 to 5...
  13. Under Pressure

    Facebook jail

    Never had one of them thar Facebox’s and doing just fine with out it
  14. Under Pressure

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Let my granddaughter work on my car this morning, lol. She has some small speaking issues from birth but is coming around great. She is car crazy, when my son and daughter-in-law picked them up she ran to them with a wrench and yelled “fix papa GTX” Putting 3 words together was a joy for us to...
  15. Under Pressure

    Freaking wind!

    Way windy in SE Michigan today also, gorgeous 80 degree day Tired of flipping back up the deck furniture today that’s for sure
  16. Under Pressure

    Brand of products that you've had lousy luck with......

    Skechers shoes, buying for years for comfort that their foam gave, last couple pair bought at different stores and times, the foam is good when I bought them but cushioning gone in a few months
  17. Under Pressure

    Calling it a Day Retirement

    Hey-O, it’s like we have met had a few beers and you know my work life (which appears very much like yours and many others) I have 29yrs at this company, am trusted by the owners and BOD’s who I report to, still enjoy what I do, and the employees I get to train and work with. You give very sage...
  18. Under Pressure

    Have you ever seen a UFO?

    I truly hope we’re the only life form, I don’t think I can deal with this drama at my age