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  1. hanks73340

    War Movies - What are the Best ?

    Sands Of Iwo Jima Merrills Marauders Objective Burma Firebase Gloria( gotta love R Lee Army ) One Minute To Zero Pork Chop Hill The Mountain Road In Harms Way so many great ones out there
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    Best Chest Ever.

  3. hanks73340

    Best "Rear End" thread (should we include legs?)

    You're not as hairy as my roommate:lol:
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    Best Chest Ever.

    Love that Bronze paint job
  5. hanks73340

    Best Chest Ever.

    Born Losers with Billy Jack?
  6. hanks73340

    Official “not going to Carlisle” thread

    Won't be going this year due to the cost of everything now:(. Haven't been since 2016. Had a 6 year run before and it was always a blast. Never went home empty.
  7. hanks73340

    I'm ready for Hockey season..

    Bolts were sluggish out of the gate. Avs took it to them. I was surprised that it became a 7-0 rout
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    The not a meme meme thread

  9. hanks73340

    Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944

    Thanks RC. That was very moving. Been to Omaha Beach 2 times. It makes a person very humble.
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    Please Help with Front Fender Hardware Locations

    Normally I would say check on top where the fender connects to the frame of the engine bay, check the front connection to the valance, and check lower fender behind the wheel well connection to the frame. Those in your pic do not look like they would connect your fender to either. Not sure about...
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    Best Chest Ever.

    WTF! How in the hell can she sleep!
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    Top songs of your model year

    Some good ones and some lame ones also for 1973 1"Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree"Tony Orlando and Dawn 2"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"Jim Croce 3"Killing Me Softly with His Song"Roberta Flack 4"Let's Get It On"Marvin Gaye 5"My Love"Paul McCartney & Wings 6"Why Me"Kris Kristofferson...
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    Best Chest Ever.

    I think those are bigger than the buoy markers out on the lake
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    I thought that too after looking at the pic when the shot was taken. I was somewhat disturbed and had to keep checking. Its the angle of the pic. Not much of an angle but just enough to give it that forward look.
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    Disabled Combat Veteran 1967 Dodge Charger Newbie

    Welcome:drinks:. Great story! and THANK YOU for your service. You have an awesome car from a wonderful man.:thumbsup:
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    My car has the same stance as the top white Charger. The front is stock height and the back I added 2 leafs springs. My personal taste for me.
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    Best Chest Ever.

    She may not have the biggest boobs, but my hat is off to her....and she can kick my ass any day.
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    I'm ready for Hockey season..

    I think its gonna be the Bolts and the AVs
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    Where did you and your car go today

    Finally installed the new Steering column and steering wheel. Also installed new L.E.D. lights for the instrument panel.:steering:
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    It's arrived.