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  1. gdrill

    Who has E bodies? Let’s see.

    It looks slightly better now but far from completed.
  2. gdrill

    Plymouth dusters ?

    Choose for yourself. Live for yourself. Otherwise, just buy a Charger. Because it is the only cool car ever made.
  3. gdrill

    My #$%#% 2004 Ram Tried to Kill Me Today

    Glad you are ok Ed.
  4. gdrill

    67 Coronet build thread

    Nice stance. Ready to pounce!
  5. gdrill

    e body seat mounts in a 71-72 b body

    Pretty sure they share the same floor pan. No reason they would not fit, even if customizing is involved.
  6. gdrill

    Valve cover gasket explosion:

    Do you have an intake valve stuck open? Bent /seized / gummed / burnt too late on the reply!
  7. gdrill

    How important is numbers matching to you?

    It’s not about numbers matching. It’s about certain cars having the original equipment. Nobody cares if a 318 charger has the original engine. But a triple black 69 charger with AC, 4 speed and a hemi or 440 it makes a difference.