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    Torker Manifold

    It looks like you spent some time on this, but the threads in the aluminum or the aluminum itself will fail long, long before a grade 8 bolt. Also, typically, a person would want to apply a factor for the likelihood of uneven loading on the bolts. This depends on how daring of an...
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    QA1 Tubular K-member

    Well, .......I'll ask why not just buy some torsion bars and fit a stock type sway bar? The stock sway bar simply attaches to the K and the lower control arms. The fabrication necessary to add a sway bar to a car that never had one is not significant - you can buy the brackets needed for the...
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    Engine mounts are finally changed but the old ones look just fine

    With the tools you have, no engine hoist, and working an gravel I'm sure it was not fun. That should be great motivation to equip yourself with the right tools and working space to do future work. As with any classic car, there will plenty of other stuff to fix, so don't think it's not worth the...
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    Torker Manifold

    Even though it's probably ok, I've never been comfortable with that given it is aluminum and small diameter bolts. It's not damaging the intake I worry about though... its dropping it on the fender or a person. I have used a carb plate many times just to pick and move fully dressed engines...
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    hey is is just me ?

    Isn't one of the great outcomes behind these forums for experienced people to share their knowledge with those that don't? Personally, I think we could all be a lot kinder to people with "dumb" questions.
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    Does your engine burn much oil?

    A couple of thoughts: In my 05 Hemi Ram, it was using about a quart between oil changes (no leaks). I went up 30W oil and now oil loss is much less. It does not get cold here much, so I thought it was safe to do so. I also run one of my ratty drivers on 50W to keep oil loss down. The motor is...
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    Can I take the A/C off?

    Not sure what you are getting at, but when I was 16 I used to drive around with no interior except the driver seat, no heater, and no jack or spare just to be a little bit lighter and faster. Sometimes I would be missing the hood, front bumper, ..... even a fender for a few days when I had...
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    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Your tools are very basic. I understand why you are frustrated. Other helpful tools for you: 1. A 3/8 socket drive with a long handle and a flexing head. 2. Two or three longer 3/8 extensions so that you can reach a bolt from 2 feet away. 3. Wobble 3/8 drive sockets - The wobble joint is built...
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    Can I take the A/C off?

    Yes, you can take it off. You'll need to source new/used non-AC pulley's and belts as they are different than the AC stuff. Save and tag everything... you'll probably want to put it back on some day.
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    71 318

    No. You can block it off.
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    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    My sister worked at Ferrell's for about 6 months when I was in high school. I think I put on 5 pounds
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    Rant: I hate chrysler

    Try changing Chevy front springs vs. B Mopar torsion bars. Try changing a BB Mopar oil pump vs. a BB Chevy oil pump. But you've probably not done any of these, so you really won't understand it. Some things are easier on some cars, and some are not. Any of them can be a pain in the ass if you...
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    Rant: I hate chrysler

    You should be able to change BB spark plugs in 15 minutes with the right tools. For the tighter ones, buy some used/old/cheap box wrenches and cut them in half for short throw wrenching on or off the plug socket. It makes changing those couple of tougher plugs a snap. A BB motor mount change...
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    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Wow. I have never seen an ME262 in person. Adding this to my list ! Thanks.
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    Name that tune

    Rush, Limelight. Ahhhhh... yes.
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    Eau de Mouse Piss

    Coffee........ Is it absorbing the smell or overpowering it? The smell is 100% coming from the headliner, so I don't see it NOT travelling past my nose when being absorbed by the coffee under the dash. Still, I appreciate the suggestion and may give it a try if everything else fails. I take...
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    71 318

    IMHO, it's best to work with what you have for now. You don't even know if this engine is any good yet... so I wouldn't start a shopping list just yet. That carb looks pretty fair to me....pop it open carefully to save the gaskets, clean it out, reassemble, and use it as your starting point to...
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    71 318

    Once you break it lose and get it to turn over, try and get it started first. No need to clean valves/lifters/pushrods etc. They should be fine for a start up even with gunk plastered to them. After it starts and runs, then you can assess what is next.... run as is, clean stuff, partial rebuild...
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    Hello from Eastern Washington!

    I believe all 72 SE's had a vinyl roof in order to cover up the side window plugs, and the 400/slapstick is very common engine and trans combination. I would not call myself an expert, but I think there must be something more to what Wayne meant. Good luck with your project.
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    71 Plymouth satellite (continued)

    Spray it into the spark plug holes for starters. Use up 1/2 a can. Put the plugs back in but leave them loose. Let it set for a couple of days. Then try and turn the engine over with a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt. You can try this a couple of times, and then if this does not work more...