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  1. Skytrooper

    hey is is just me ?

    Let me see if I am reading you correctly MoparMarty...basically if we don't have years of car wrenching under our belts, than we shouldn't have old cars ? Ok, I will counter your silly claim. Can you tear down and rebuild a turbine engine, rig flight controls on an aircraft, test avionics and...
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    For Sale -*Not Mine*- 74 Charger 1 owner Barnfind

    Congatulations !!! What a time capsule !!
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    Thank you for gold

    Congratulations !!
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    Tilly got a ride in the Porsche today. She was a bit tentative at first, but quickly warmed up to it. She will turn 6 months old next week and already 51.5 lbs
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    Happy Birthday Red63440

    :bday: :bday:
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    What a weekend!

    It is going to be hard to drop back to my normal after the VIP treatment ! I will be going to Watkins Glen for the IMSA 6 hours....we'll see how I do !
  7. Skytrooper

    Sounds like these scientists are bored??

    Did the monkey's complain ??
  8. Skytrooper

    What a weekend!

  9. Skytrooper

    What a weekend!

    I didnt take any photographs of the cars. There were just so many, the 3 Road to Indy, and Indy car itself. We were pretty busy Saturday with all the trophy presentations. We did get to some great spots on the track to watch before they came for us with the cart. Sunday after the last RTI race...
  10. Skytrooper

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Have you been to the Auburn/Cord/ Duesenberg museum in Auburn, Indiana ? A very nice museum and a muscle car museum in back. I wouldn’t recommend any of the accommodations there, though. When I went there in April, it was the worst experience I have ever had. I really enjoy your forum journal...
  11. Skytrooper

    What a weekend!

    Yeah, none of us were dressed for the event. We had no idea when we got to the track what duties befell us. A cheap price to pay for the VIP treatment!
  12. Skytrooper

    What a weekend!

    My daughter asked me early last week if I would be interested in going to the Indycar races at Road America. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to see Indycar live at Road America. It was a first for both. So I made my flight reservations and got here early Friday afternoon. Turns out that...
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    Happy Birthday to Davek

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    Happy Birthday QuickBpBp

    :bday: :bday:
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    Sheps really go for chewy toys, or squeeky toys, or rope toys, or sticks....they really like to play with whatever is available. Just dont let them get bored...they can get destructive when bored.
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    Yes, she is ! She is growing fast and has that Mal laser focus. She is a lot of fun !
  17. Skytrooper


    Tilly at 5 months ! 50lbs and still growing !
  18. Skytrooper

    Happy Birthday HawkRod

  19. Skytrooper

    I'm a daddy again....

    Oh my ! That is a great looking shepshep. I love shepherds, they are such incredible dogs ! My pup just turned 5months. She is a Belgian Shepherd. Very smart puppy.