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  1. Builderguy

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Nope, should be that of a B-29
  2. Builderguy

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Yes Hawk, thank you for sharing your adventure. It was great to follow along. If you ever want that "Roadkill" turned into the Queen (or King) of the ball just let me know. I think I know just how to do that!! Thanks again Hawk, and look forward to seeing you in person again, shortly.
  3. Builderguy

    How many Pennie’s do you have for a rainy day ?

    Not all pennies but it is for a Rainy day (gas for our tour around the country). Last time it was this full there was about a $1000 in it. We did hand roll it all looking for some rare coins. We will do the same this time around.
  4. Builderguy

    SOLD Rotisserie Redline ROT3000-LD $1000.00

    I have decided to take a few years off from restorations and travel the country so some of my larger items are up for sale. This rotisserie is one of those items. It was used only once while restoring my 73 Roadrunner. Still in great shape(some paint overspray and very light surface rust is...
  5. Builderguy

    What car were you driving the first time you clocked 100 mph or more?

    My 1969 Roadrunner, 383 Auto w/air grabber, summer of 1978. I had just rebuilt the engine and after break in I wanted to see what it could do. Chose Airport Road, long and straight two land road, with no stop signs for miles. Safety first, so I put a motorcycle helmet on (Hey, I was 16) just...
  6. Builderguy

    What do you drink?

    This morning it was this, but I just retired so it is becoming a regular thing now.
  7. Builderguy

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Hawk, I will take any and all of your "CAR Shots" as they are pretty darn good. But, I would prefer a WHISKEY shot, when we meet again in person. Joy to follow along with you and yours. Stay safe my Friend!
  8. Builderguy

    Calling it a Day Retirement

    CALLING IT Today is my last day at work !!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years of college 10 years as a police officer 10 years owing a construction company 15 years working at a chemical plant I think I put my time in and it is time to start enjoying life. By design, this is also my wife's last day working at...
  9. Builderguy

    Bought a pretty clean '66

    Stupid quote, this one
  10. Builderguy

    Bought a pretty clean '66

    Lower picture is that of the back end of a SCHOOL bus with a 426 in it on a long straight road just outside of town!!!!
  11. Builderguy

    The first "Hawk-Rod" resurrection, Roadkill style

    Taking liberties from one of my favorite movies: Drive Hawk, drive!!!!
  12. Builderguy

    SOLD NOS Mopar Choke #3698353 NIB $20 plus $9 ride

    This is a New Mopar one piece electric choke that fits a boatload of vehicles, 73 and up. It is part number 3698353. So if you need it, here it is! Please match yours to this one. It has the straight rod. How about $20 plus a $9 ride.
  13. Builderguy

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    Beautiful car Wayne, just plain beautiful!!!
  14. Builderguy

    73 Roadrunner heater cables

    Hopes this helps. Car's location makes it hard to get good photos.
  15. Builderguy

    73 Roadrunner heater cables

    If no one else gives an answer I will check my pictures on my personal computer (at work right now). I am pretty sure I took some shots of how the cables were run, at least the ones hooked up to the duct dampers. If not I can take pics of the RR still in storage that has not been messed with...
  16. Builderguy

    The first "Hawk-Rod" resurrection, Roadkill style

    I agree! I would not get much done either if these were her work clothes.
  17. Builderguy

    I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

    26 more working days and the wife and I will be in the "retirement club"! We will exit the work force at the same time so we can start touring this country via truck and camper. No more house payment, no more property tax, and no more utilities. Just some well earned fun on the road for a...
  18. Builderguy

    My wife’s lucky day

    Great news Sir, may a speedy recovery be in her future.
  19. Builderguy

    SOLD 1973 Roadrunner 4 speed 340 w/clean title

    Update: Some people were asking for these pics
  20. Builderguy

    66 charger interior

    I have a guy in the Central Michigan area that does great work, but he is not cheap. I know it is not near MN but if you want his info just let me know.