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    440 Source oil pans versus Mopar Performance - just as good?

    I have a summit hemi pan, and a 440Source hemi pan. Between the 2 side by side, the summit is stamped from thinner gauge steel, plus the 440Source is coated. Neither has been mounted to an engine yet though... I know your trying to compare the 440S & MP pan, but just wanted to add this to show...
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    Seat removal for '71 Roadrunner

    The rear seat-back in my 71 had 2 steel loops from the inner seat frame that held it down at the seatbelt bolts. I dont know when it changed but assume it was in mid 71 production. Its hard to believe the changes were between assembly plants.
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    Eau de Mouse Piss

    I mix a box of baking soda, a cup of laundry scent booster crystals, and a cup of carpet powder(in your choice of aroma) together & put it in the round plastic containers from leftover KFC sides & cut wide slits in the lids. Put em under the seats & on the rear floor. They work great on our...
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    73 Vapor Separator connection to Carbon Canister or return line?

    That wont work. The vapor separator hooked to fuel lines at the fuel pump uses the small line to return a small amount of fuel back constantly to the tank through a return line while the car is running. The vapor canister that hooks to the charcoal canister is the small can bolted under the car...
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    Hotchkis lower control arm bracket (sway bar)

    I purchased the same brackets & welded them on my 71 LCA's. I used a factory sway bar & mounted everything to the K to mock it up & get the position correct for the parts I was using. I can get you measurements in a day or 2 if I dont have to work a double shift tonight, if you'd like. I highly...
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    Please Help with Front Fender Hardware Locations

    I believe the short ones go into the upper cowl pads that meet up with the fenders square holes(by the windshield). The long ones go into the bottom of the fender where it meets the rocker pannel(2 per side). I think they're so long to accommodate shims if necessary for proper alignment.
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    Those wascally wabbits!

    I mowed over a litter the other day. Didn't hurt em. The mother was running around in circles after I went to another part of the yard so I knew she had a burrow somewhere. I've seen it before. I found the burrow in the grass I just mowed & left it be. She moved them that night...
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    Goodmark 71 b body floor

    I used the Goodmark front floorpan on my 71 Plymouth. No issues with the install. I used AMD rear pans & everything went together better than I anticipated.
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    Dog crap left on my hood

    I got a cheep dash cam at Harbor freight with a coupon for like $40. It works pretty good & turns on automatically if theres motion or shock with the key off.
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    Paint jail may not be so bad

    Looks like blue candy! Nice color!
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    Valvetrain clatter/noise

    If the other side seams fine with the changes, why not swap the parts to & fro to verify its definitely the valvetrain/head on the problem side? Is it possible one head had more work(machining & shaving) than the other? An old school builder may have done this, and your guy just cut equal...
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    Car prices and insurance values

    I had to swap providers with my agent due to the company I was with pulling out of the Eastern US. No biggy, but the agent told us a lot of poeple are under-insured now. We raised our coverage years ago but evidently replacement value cannot be reached now, so they are totaling cars out at a...
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    I have commuter cars for work as well as a newer truck, besides my classics. I know you cant buy as much in a new car for $35K, so the market for a show-able classic sounds about right, granted I wouldn't buy a car without seeing it in person.
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    Can anyone ID this mysterious item that fell out of my 452 head?

    Aah! I never knew what was inside those PCV valves. Sure enough, checked the box & found the one I removed... Thanks RemCharger!
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    Can anyone ID this mysterious item that fell out of my 452 head?

    I'm getting ready to clean up & re-seal the heads for my 440 and started scraping the VC gasket off. When I went to flip the head upside down to get the scapings outa the inside, this funny shaped dowl thing fell out. Looks like a restrictor for an orifice. Does it belong somewhere? No idea...
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    Should I advance this cam?

    Those were my thaughts, I just needed some reassurance. Thanks!
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    Should I advance this cam?

    I picked up a running 19k mile 76' 440 out of an RV for next to nothing. I have several others, one of which is being built by a shop currently. I wanted to re-gasket this engine & put a proper pickup & pan on it as well as some other bolt-ons & paint & put it in the corner for a future project...
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    Aftermarket Frame Rails

    I used a Goodmark E body front drivers side on my 71 Satellite. Worked perfectly. Got it from RockAuto but that was a few years ago.
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    Trouble with lower radiator hose leaking

    Welcome! Also, I'll second the Indian Head shellac that R413 mentioned. You can get it just about anywhere that carries permatex products. If the hose is correct, it will seal up. I would NOT use RTV.
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    Steering Rub on Headers

    If the exhaust is unhooked, would it be possible to put a srap around the header and ratchet-strap it to tweek it enough to clear?