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    62 to 65 B-Body Bumper Bolt Dimensions

    On the Classic bolts, I measured: Head Dia = 0.92", Thread Length = 0.98", and Head height = 0.125" On the original bolts, I measured: Head Dia = 0.97", Thread Length = 1.10", and Head height = 0.28" Head height is from the underside of the flat portion to the top of the arch. Original bolts...
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    62 to 65 B-Body Bumper Bolt Dimensions

    If you are looking for the carriage bolts, just go to Mopar Classic Industries catalog and order from there. B-body size is 3/8" - 16 x 1" long and they come with a nut, Part Number is MN1700. A-body bolts are one size smaller in diameter. Bolts are same front and back.
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    I saw this on the Web today also. Words representing your 3 letters were exactly what I said.
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    FOUND Locks and keys

    I went through this about a year ago for my 64 S.F. and have a post on here somewhere. I'm pretty sure 64 door locks have not been reproduced. I was able to buy a NOS set of door locks and an ignition lock on eBay, but they cost more than $200. Classic Industries does show that 64 glove box...
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    FOUND 1964 rear bumper guard for a Sport Fury

    I need one or two bumper guards. Chrome does not need to be perfect, but the guard should not be bent up. This is one year only. '63 and '65 guards will not fit. The distance from the bottom of the guard to the center of the bolt hole should be about 2.12". Let me know what you have.
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    Bumper - re-chrome or aftermarket replacement

    The bumpers on my 64 S.F. were pretty beat up, so I wanted to get new bumpers. Classic Industries had a 20% (I think) discount so I ordered the AMD bumpers through them. I was very pleased with the quality and the price. Since I only live 250 miles away, the shipping wasn't too bad.
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    1964 Sport Fury Interior Installation

    It looks great. Does anyone reproduce that decorative chrome tape that goes around the inside? Yours looks very good.
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    Late-Model Convertible Seats

    I knew Sebring seats were an option. A guy has a set on eBay right now and they are listed in my town. I asked if I could come look at them, and he said, "No." I know eBay wants to discourage transactions that go around eBay. I would be willing to go through eBay, but not letting me see them...
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    Late-Model Convertible Seats

    Have any of you replaced your front seats with convertible seats? I really like old cars to look original, however, convertible seats are tempting. They come with headrests, shoulder belts, and seat back latches. All three features would be nice in my old Sport Fury and they would make for a...
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    Reconnecting with an old friend

    One of a kind 1964 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon surprise - YouTube Here is great story worth watching.
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    Rotisserie opinions , please.

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    My password was hacked !

    How many of you guys have a 3-digit engine size in your password?
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    Rotisserie opinions , please.

    So, what is the weight limit on these? Can you put a B Body on these and not have to strip it down?
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    WTB 1970 GTX rear defroster/convertible top switch

    hemi71x has a bunches of switches for sale right now.
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    1968 roadrunner with factory A/C?

    My parents bought a very early 68 Road Runner with PS, PB, AT, and A/C. In Fresno, A/C is mandatory. Everything worked great. I drove it to high school. I was just a few months short of my H.S. 10-year reunion and I really thought it would be cool to take it to the reunion, but I sold it...
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    64 tail light bezel

    Can I sneak a question in here? The pieces look very similar, but is the driver-side and passenger-side different?
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    8 3/4” Axle Guide

    Within the last couple of days I was thinking about asking for 8.75 comparisons, and here it is. So, if I have a 64 Sport Fury and want to change out the whole rear end assembly, can I go to a 65-70, and everything will fit?
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    Cost to ship a bumper

    I just returned a set of bumper guards back to Canada, and it cost me more than $60. Look at various sources. You might also try Greyhound. However, be prepared, shipping prices have gone NUTS.
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    Rear Bumper Guards

    I remember reading that. I guarantee they will not fit the rear bumper of a 64. Been there, tried that.
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    Rear Bumper Guards

    Boy, did you come to right guy. I had a whole thread on this not too long ago and spent $60 returning guards that did not fit. First of all, 63-65 is misleading and not correct. The correct text should be "fits 63 or 65, but not a 64." The bolt hole location for the 1964 is 3/4" off. So, if...