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    SAE tap & die set

    FWIW, That rethreading set that Summit is selling IS the one made by Lang. They just have their own labeling on it. If you look at the one on Amazon and the one at Summit, you can compare the 2. It even looks to be in the same blow molded container, with the black oxide parts having swapped...
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    Found my cooling issue

    Don't feel too badly, a lot of people take thermostats for granted as they are so simple a mechanism. But, do you know for certain if yours HAD EVER been working properly? I had a bum one right out of the box on my very first car, (one that had multuiple manifold/carb/cam configurations over...
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    Full Cast or Composite Brake Drums... pros/cons

    Evan Fruct started this thread with a post including a question about whether cooling fins are effective or not, and I have data from a just-finished, complete brake job. (I have to admit that this involved FORD brake drums on a '89 Crown Vic., but the procedure and results are applicable to...
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    Full Cast or Composite Brake Drums... pros/cons

    Here's a link to one company that is making the kind that are STEEL with cast iron. They use a steel cylinder exterior and cast iron into that-for the braking surface, Its then spun, to centrifically fill the mold cavities. Then machined..This brand says theirs are are 10-15% lighter and...