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  1. Big D A12

    Long Time Member First time '69 RR Owner

    Very nice RR. Thank you for posting. D
  2. Big D A12

    Lynch Road - 1969, 70, 71, 72, 73 Early/Late SPD Tags

    Thank you for posting! D
  3. Big D A12

    Glen-ray Radiators

    I was at the Glen Ray shop last week Thursday. I can assure you they are running at full capacity and still in business. They will be at the Spring Fling in LA this upcoming weekend. D
  4. Big D A12

    1969 A-12 440 Six Pack/Six Barrel steel wheels

    The H wheels used at Lynch Road during the 1969 model year were built at the Motor Wheel factory, plant 5. Hence the first detail required - M5/9 or M5/8 marking to the left of the valve stem. The centers are 3 dimple with one lug hole aligned with a dimple. They have a press mark on the back...
  5. Big D A12

    Lynch Road - 1969, 70, 71, 72, 73 Early/Late SPD Tags

    Thanks for posting. Your picture is plenty clear. Beautiful car. D
  6. Big D A12

    Lynch Road - 1969, 70, 71, 72, 73 Early/Late SPD Tags

    Thank you for the reply. I would like to touch base with you offline but you inbox is full. If you drop me a PM with your email we can touch base. D
  7. Big D A12

    Original B-Body Mufflers

    Hitting this post for Scott. If anyone knows of originals as requested, please post. My own interest is the first 2 quarters of 1969. More dates in this timeline would be great for the A12 and Daytona aficionados. D
  8. Big D A12

    FOR SALE Factory Roadrunner A12 Hood

    If you could, please post a picture of the backside of the scoop nose. Bewitched, good stuff. It was my parents favorite show when they were first married so everyone now knows where my name came from. D
  9. Big D A12

    Chillin in Wisconsin

    No one has mentioned the beer to him and not BIG BROTHER beer. Find yourself some Point or Leinenkugel's to enjoy with those brats. D
  10. Big D A12

    FOR SALE 1969 Coronet 4Door

    Fender tag or build sheet available?
  11. Big D A12

    1969 Charger trunk mat pics

  12. Big D A12

    What dangerous animals, reptiles, insects do you have in your area?

    Wisconsin is pretty calm. As I thought about it, this is what I came up with. Large predators: We have the occasional mountain lion siting in the northern part of the state. Very rare to see them. Wolves are more common. I have seen many over the years up north. Black bears are everywhere...
  13. Big D A12

    What’s being used on rear fender wells

    The Resto Rick product is the closest you can get to the factory finish. It takes multiple coats to get the texture to the OEM look. I use 2 gallons to do the 4 wheel wells and overspray details. Application Tip: Take a picture of the area after application with your flash on. The paint will...
  14. Big D A12

    Anyone Seen This Coronet Up Close?

    I hope it is with someone who will enjoy it. Time will tell if it is truly sold. D
  15. Big D A12

    Original/Unrestored Superbird

    Very nice Super Bird. Thank you for sharing. It is always interesting how the first run of specialty cars has tag data missing or not the norm. Do you by chance have the broadcast sheet for it? D
  16. Big D A12

    Do you carry a pocket knife ?

    As a youngster I occasionally would have one on me. Fast forward to 1987. This is one of those life events that is burned into my memory. I am a young engineering student at UW Platteville. First class of the semester a curly gray haired cantankerous looking professor (Edward O. Busby...
  17. Big D A12

    Group Release E-101

    Looking for the entire document for this release. The A12 crowd has 4 pages with the instructions for the assembly of the Super Bees and Road Runners with the A12 option package. This is only four pages of a 37 page document. Does anyone have the entire document to share? I attached page...
  18. Big D A12

    Dana 60 parking brake cable routing

    Same bracket on the 69 as the 67.... Staying warm on the West side? D
  19. Big D A12

    New and old in Wisconsin

    Welcome aboard. Great story and nice ride. As noted by the replies, there many Wisconsinites on this site. What part of WI are you in? D
  20. Big D A12

    69 Superbee Vinyl Top Trim Placement

    You may want to check the pieces you have. They look shorter and a different shape. I think the RR are different due to the longer window but don't quote me on it. This piece goes under the drip rail trim. The correct screw is the same as the ones that hold on the wheel opening molding...