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  1. moparedtn

    Almost had a bad day

    I've never had one of those blue Mopar "conversion" regulators go bad. I'd trust it.
  2. moparedtn

    This happens every time I order oil on Amazon...

    I'm a believer in using companies (and individuals, for that matter) to their strengths. Summit (and other such inclined businesses) obviously are more inclined to be expert at specifically shipping vehicle fluids; Amazon, on the other hand, slings literally everything on earth via all different...
  3. Walt2028

    FOR SALE 2 Holley carbs

    Enjoy your vacation, contact me when you return home.
  4. Dako

    Fuel Gauge Issue 1966 Belvedere

    The sending unit CAN be least my replacement was. With the sending unit out, mine had a slot in the side where the rheostat is. Thru it I could see the high & low 'contacts' (looked like pieces of solid wire, about the size of a bicycle spoke). I was able to reach in with a...
  5. Fran Blacker

    Almost had a bad day

    I put a fuse inline on mine as a member recommend, haven't blown fuse yet.
  6. moparedtn

    New member from Lewes DE

    Apparently you've progressed from the "thinking" part already...
  7. Stereolab42

    This happens every time I order oil on Amazon...

    I love Summit and use them constantly, but Amazon is $5 a gallon cheaper on the oil and shipping is free. I keep thinking they will eventually learn how to package the stuff properly after having ruined thousands of dollars of boxes in their trucks but I guess they really DGAF, being worth $2...
  8. Fran Blacker

    Site upgrade...

    The long way around when button would be faster but more importantly more visible.
  9. jimbosride

    WTB 65 Dodge Coronet right side spindle for Drum brakes

    Make me an offer on mine? one or both ?.... came off my 65 coronet when I switched to a disc setup ..... Also have a idler arm brand new that I did not use. These need to go .....
  10. R

    Site upgrade...

    Your MIL is my sisters big sister?
  11. 68HemiRR

    FOR SALE Single Elephant Ear

    This is a Single Elephant Ear to mount a Hemi or BB into an A-Body. I ordered a pair from the NHOA back in 1978, and when the box arrived it had three inside. I called Roland and offered to send the extra one back, but he told me it wasn't worth the effort to send it back, and to keep it. It...
  12. Piranhaz

    Turn Signal Flasher with In-Line Fuse -- for LEDs maybe?

    I know this is an older thread, but I just found the same thing under my dash connected to my turn signal flasher. I thought it looked an awful lot like an original part, but couldn't figure out why it was even there. I removed it, but should I put it back in now?
  13. J

    WTB Top windshield corner pillar moulding

    pics sent private message me
  14. matthon

    Holley Carb Spraying Fuel Externally ?

    I take it there is no way to replace the o ring from the inside. Thanks Holley. Maybe I'll try a small hammer, then solder.
  15. Photon440

    Holley Carb Spraying Fuel Externally ?

    As R413 states, there's a seal under there. You can try tapping with a tiny hammer to tighten the seal, or you can heat it up (which will destroy the seal) and solder the metal cap to the fuel bowl casting. But replacement fuel bowls are cheap.