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  1. 69sunfireGTX

    62 1st outing the good, and the bad

    Ouch! That blows.
  2. 69sunfireGTX

    Where did my ET go?

    I have had the boxes flake out before. Disconnect the box and try it.
  3. 69sunfireGTX

    Solid street roller cam discussion

    I agree with the springs. Chances are you will never see 6000 rpm with the mild springs. It all depends on what you consider mild.
  4. 69sunfireGTX

    1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite from Junk to......

    disassemble and shoot separate. It looks cleaner that way
  5. 69sunfireGTX

    Can I use Trickflow 240 Heads on a 426SW Bore?

    The last one I did had approximately .577 lift using a 1.6 ratio rocker. There was no interference at all. Using a mild cam with the 1.6 rockers which creates the higher lift makes a decent amount of power for a streetcar. Plenty of vacuum also.
  6. 69sunfireGTX

    Can I use Trickflow 240 Heads on a 426SW Bore?

    I have used them on many Big Block stock bore 383's with a 4.250 bore, so they might be able to work on the block you have.
  7. 69sunfireGTX

    Re-Rebuilding the 440-493 in a 1970 Charger

    What is the smashed up looking O-ring for to the right of the picture?
  8. 69sunfireGTX

    Post your 11 second combos

    Impressive is an understatement. Amazing is right!
  9. 69sunfireGTX

    Post your 11 second combos

    What kind of tires are you running on the back of that thing to get you 1.68 60ft times. Do they come with special glue to put down on the track? :lol:
  10. 69sunfireGTX

    B Bodies and Road Courses - My Super Bee Setup

    Nice video! :thumbsup: I think there is something wrong with your tires. They make a lot of noise. :lol:
  11. 69sunfireGTX

    Re-Rebuilding the 440-493 in a 1970 Charger

    You mean shift to the left by .003 and up .003 that would put you centered. Or very close to center. With something like you are seeing I would usually measure in more positions to make sure that there aren't defects in the housing at the spots you are measuring
  12. 69sunfireGTX

    MSD BTM dead?

    Damn electronic ignition! They should have never come out with that. I guess there was nothing wrong with points. :lol: Everything goes bad eventually. At least you figured it out. :thumbsup:
  13. 69sunfireGTX

    Priming oil pump

    50w is really heavy oil. Are you sure you don't have something like 20w-50?
  14. 69sunfireGTX

    LemonWedge 470 build thread

    Where did you get the 270's from? Thought they were still on backorder?
  15. 69sunfireGTX

    Post your 10 second combo's

    .004 light with a 10.000 dial. Sweet!! To bad you didn't dial a 10.000 while racing.
  16. 69sunfireGTX

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Maybe its a factory six cylinder shaker hood. :lol:
  17. 69sunfireGTX

    Yankee Express RestoMod Project

    You probably going to want more than a gallon of clear. I'm guessing another 2 quarts to lay down 2 good coats of clear
  18. 69sunfireGTX

    Re-Rebuilding the 440-493 in a 1970 Charger

    Sounds like it spun at some time and created a ridge. Not good. :BangHead:
  19. 69sunfireGTX

    Getting ready for the strip!

    Is that in Canadian time or American time? :lol: Sometimes I kill myself!