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  1. ply64post

    64 Belvedere-windlace

    Here is some info, a friend used them without an issue. Jeff
  2. ply64post

    Correct Installation MaxWedge Scoop on 1963 Dodge

    mopar Check this out. max wedge scoop - location / dimensions on hood
  3. ply64post

    1964 Sport Fury What are these??

    Here are a set of pedals I have.
  4. ply64post

    MW intake backwards install...

    I was always told the person who makes no mistakes doesn't do anything. I have tried not to make the same mistake twice.
  5. ply64post

    65 Belvedere heater controls

    This information that I have found. Jeff
  6. ply64post

    Door Panel Plastic?

    Top of interior page. Jeff
  7. ply64post

    Paint code for bronze seat trim

    Geff You can check this out. Jeff
  8. ply64post

    Steel deck lid for a 1963 Savoy. What years will interchange?

    Snook According to the Hollanders the lids are year specific. Jeff
  9. ply64post

    disc brakes

    Murry Check this site out. Jeff
  10. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Glassman What I can tell you is the scoop is part of a complete aluminum front end that is on a 63 Savoy 2 dr sdn. Yes I tend to agree that the bracing was added (support?). The scoop appears not to be altered in any other way that I can see. As far as history the car was from the NY NJ area...
  11. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    I apologize for not responding back. I will send the pictures that I have. Jeff
  12. ply64post

    WTB Wanted 63-63 B Body Doors

    What year doors are you looking for? Jeff
  13. ply64post

    FOUND 383 power steering pump-mounting hardware

    Mark Here is a site that should help you. Jeff
  14. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Mikespolara Sorry I had twice the pictures posted that I wanted to.
  15. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Here are some pictures of a scoop off of a 63 Savoy real Max Wedge that a friend of mine has. Jeff
  16. ply64post

    Can You Identify this Dash?

    It is a 63-64 Chrysler.
  17. ply64post

    A12 hood part number?

    Steve Here are 2 pictures that I have in my A 12 folder. I am not aware of any markings on these hoods because I have an A 12 Superbee. Jeff
  18. ply64post

    WTB K member

    Yes, the mounts to the block are different.
  19. ply64post

    WTB K member

    Unless I'm mistaken v/8 k frames are the same 63-65 big or small block. Jeff
  20. ply64post

    64 Belvedere-windlace

    Here is a site that carries windlace on page 114. A friend used it with no issues on his 62 Savoy wagon.