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  1. Scott Bender

    American Driver loses license in Canada

    Another of my hobbies is BMX Freestyle bikes and Mountain bikes. From the very beginning til now a USA made item like a stem, a crankset , seat clamp if it was uSA made it was 1/4" or 3/8" bolts a cheap Taiwan part always used 6 mm 5 mm . Making it easy to identify quality parts from junk. So...
  2. Scott Bender

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    -13 right now
  3. Scott Bender

    Is JEGS Legit?

    I've used Jegs about 12-15 times in last 3-4 years . Never had a serious issue. You do have to watch for the back order trick. An item out of stock no big deal? Then 5 months later it shows up when you didn't necessarily need it want it anymore.