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    A12 heads 906.

    I think A12 906 heads came equipped with the heavy gauge stamped rockers.
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    FOR SALE NOS 1971-74 Manual 3 Speed Shifter Mechanism #3467744

    could you post a picture of the 3467743
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    SOLD Rear Defoger Blower Motor, Rear Speaker, ADAPTER For The 71-74 B Body Cars.

    When using this option does the defogger hose get shortened, I would assume so but not sure never seen one mounted.
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    FOR SALE NOS 1971-74 Manual 3 Speed Shifter Mechanism #3467744

    Is there any visible difference between the 2 shifters.
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    FOR SALE cal custom shock extentions

    If you installed longer rear spring shackles to gain tire clearance for your cragars with N50s you needed to install the shock extensions so the shocks wouldn't top out.
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    SOLD 71-74 Roadrunner GTX roadrunner woodgrain window crank

    Thats a vent window crank.
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    Grill Hardware, 1971 GTX

    Bump,can anyone help this guy out,we need this product to be correct.
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    71/72 fresh air setup value

    For what body Ply.or Dodge,just the a/g air filter assy.or the complete hood & associated parts.
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    Rare satellite?

    This SSP is so early it doesn't have electronic Ign.I parted a 71 SSP 383/727 buckets/console P/S P/B A/C Winchester Gray Metallic with B/vinyl top,only had 40k but was severely rusted.
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    I can't believe it!

    Not exactly but I do know just about every car has had hood safety latches since at least the 50s & would recognize that mine was missing.
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    I can't believe it!

    How could you say your restoring a car & don't even know about the safety hood latch,really you almost deserve that & I hate to see that happen to anyone but come on.
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    FOR TRADE 15x7 Rally 390 rim

    FOR TRADE 4/13/70 date code 15x7 Rally rim in very good condition,lightly glass beaded,lug holes good,TRADE for a 5/1/70 15x7 in equal condition or will perches if necessary.
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    Gold Metal Flake '70 Road Runner

    Right now theirs 10 guys looking up Jerry Goertzen in Leigthbrige looking to buy his cuda.
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    Freeze Plug Problem

    From freeze plug to new eng. just like that,its fun spending other peoples money.
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    Oil Pump For Stock 440

    Basically you know nothing about the internals of this eng,stock/rebuilt ?,if it is a stock RV should have the roller type timing chain no nylon to worry about,RV engs.tend to have lower miles on them,I would pull the intake & inspect,you can see the top of the timing gear through the...
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    440 Block .060 over

    A fully sleeved block is more ridged & all the bores will be centered now,square the block off & you have one hell of a building block. I went to San Antonio TX to pick up a 71 HP block that's date code correct for my car,the guy gave it to me because it needs sleeves some of the wrist pins...
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    Name these seats

    Tony & Chris
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    Hello all 440 fuel pump pushrod question?

    So whats the big deal if a used rods length is worn a few thousands as long as the dia.of the rod is good, the fuel pump has preloaded spring pressure & the amount of pump stroke loss wouldn't amount to anything,I would polish the rod & ends of a good used one & run it without worrying.
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    FOR SALE OEM Big Block Intakes

    Looks like 11x25 no idea.
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    FOR SALE OEM Big Block Intakes

    Whats the date code on #4