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  1. Lineman

    Please give me a picture of the wireing around your brake boster.. 69 GTX Disk Brakes

    Thanks, this thing is driving me nuts... There was a manual backing plate with a hanger off the top bolt but I don't think that will work anymore with the dual diaphragm booster? So what is going to route the wires up and around the booster now? And where do I get it? Thanks Jay
  2. Lineman

    How would I know if my 69 GTX came with a front speaker?

    It doesn't have the three speaker dash, and I can't find where a speaker would have mounted? What am I missing? I thought most of these cars came with a front speaker? Thanks for the help.
  3. Lineman

    How to get Date of Manufacture from VIN? RS23L9E13642 (69 GTX)

    This has taken a life of its own, the interior shade of F8 seems to be a 68 color they want to call 430 instead of the 434 which seems to be a 69 color. This car was built in Los Angles and I have no fender tag nor build sheet but some of the car is still original. Trying to keep the thing...
  4. Lineman

    68-69 GTX Cluster queston?? with pictures...

    So one of these has the identifications for the switches and one does not.. What is the deal?? I put the tach in the one and was going to put in a 69 GTX, the other one is the one that came out, not sure if it is original to the car or not. As always thanks for the help.. Jay
  5. Lineman

    Looking for Square Tach 69 RoadRunner??

    I have been out of circulation for a while, just started to change the dash, harness, spedo cable, etc.. and might as well put a tach in the cluster of my 69 GTX... Now it looks like they quit repro-ing the tachs?? Are they anywhere to be had? Thanks in advance. Jay
  6. Lineman

    69 Throttle cable bracket help???

    So this is on a 69 GTX, doesn't seem right to me?? What is the best way to strengthen this out? This car is a semi correct looking driver. Cant thank you enough for all the help. Jay
  7. Lineman

    Need help with fuel line on 69 GTX???

    On this GTX I bought the fuel line comes from the tank up thru the right frame member by the torsion bar and just ends. How is it supposed to get the last three feet or so to the fuel pump? I can flair ends and make a line if I have to or buy one if that will make a nicer job, and the bolts and...
  8. Lineman

    Need clips to hold vinyl top quarter panel trim on 69 GTX

    Thanks for the help. At present there are just standard sheet metal screws for the plastic inserts to hold onto but I see the 71 and later looks like there is a screw with a shoulder on it? What works best for this trim and where can I get it? Thanks again. Jay