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  1. Lineman

    I need some carb therapy... 69 GTX

    I have been chipping away at trying making this GTX a nice driver/working out some of the bugs the previous folks and father time have left this car with.. This is a real GTX and I have some documentation of history but no build sheet or fender tag. Although I can track past owners, i think...
  2. Lineman

    Throttle Cable 69 GTX too Long?? Need Help...

    So I bought this throttle cable bracket, seemed like a good idea. It moves the cable housing mount up and the bracket mounts better to the intake with two bolts than what was on the engine. Only now the actual cable part needs to go way out almost to the front of the front float bowl. hence...
  3. Lineman

    Here is a pic of fuel tank in 69 GTX?

    Please tell me what you think of this mess. Thanks for all the help. Jay