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  1. 1967coronet

    Need to pull the front apart on my 440.

    If it's not one thing its another lol. Dang old bullet proof RV 440 is making some horrible high pitch grinding / squealing noises up front. 1st thing removed all belts , no change. Went to the shop and grabbed my step dads old stethoscope , Back home , fire it up , middle of valve covers...
  2. 1967coronet

    Info needed on this set of cast iron indy heads.

    A friend of mine stopped by the shop today he had this set of what I think are indy brand cast iron heads, large valves as you can see, rockers are unknown to me. External oil line to each head. No number on rockers top side. Heavy springs with damper inner. No casting numbers except the ( ICH )...
  3. 1967coronet

    727 Shift rod seal R & R.

    Over the years my 727 has started leaking around the shift rod seal. Only after it sets for 2 or 3 days and the converter drains back. I am certain my dip stick tube is not leaking. So my question is .... Can that shift seal be removed then a new one installed with the C clamp and deep well...
  4. 1967coronet

    Nitrous question

    My 440 is a 1976 low compression one. Cast piston 40,000 sound engine. Small comp hyd cam , pertronix ignition 35,36 total timing all in at 2,600 performer intake Thermo quad 800cfm , headers. Napa OEM style fuel pump. My question is can I spray 100 or 125 into this engine with a fuel pump...
  5. 1967coronet

    383 I pulled last year I finally took a look inside.

    This 1965 383 was in my coronet when I bought it in 2006. I have used and abused it until last year when I did my 440 and switched them out. The last few years the 383 had a rattle simular to a skirt slap or wrist pin, never had the rod knock of death. lol. it still had 130s compression and 20 /...
  6. 1967coronet

    Rear diff packed with gun/wheel bearing grease.

    We are a body shop, Customers Jeep was making a little noise in back so we offered to check . Guys that do the normal service on this jeep are here local. Were going to have a talk.
  7. 1967coronet

    spark plug color read

    I just put pics of 2 plugs on, all 8 look the same. Champion 12s gap at .040 440 with pertronix ,750 edelbrock . close to 900 miles on this set I didn't think they were to bad . What do you guys think ? rich? lean ? ok?
  8. 1967coronet

    1st practice try at pocket porting on a 346 head

    Well I dug in so to speak. Old head to practice on and some ebay carbide bits. I know I nicked the seat area a couple times and will stay away from the seat a little more in the future. But for 1st try at pocket porting what do you guys think that know how to do this. I got thick skin and...
  9. 1967coronet

    Home porting a set of 516 heads ?

    Last summer I stuck a motor home 440 prob 7.5.1 comp in my old 67. put a comp cam & lifters XE262 in it along with crane springs & eddy performer intake and 750 carb on it. The engine runs great, still dealing with a ticking lifter that comes and goes but will track it down this winter. Now...
  10. 1967coronet

    1 hyd flat tappet leaking down after sitting for a week.

    I have close to 1000 miles on the new comp cam and hyd lifters. oem rockers , push rods & shafts. Crane springs, closed pressure #90 , open #280. Car runs fine, pulled the covers all looks ok, Rolled the engine over checking for a loose push rod , all seem ok, shaft bolts tight. I have one...
  11. 1967coronet

    PCV valve question.

    My motor home 440 is running pretty good, no oil leaks, vacuum is 13.5 at 900 rpm idle. I got a new PCV valve from napa for a 440 when I was putting this together, its the small dia base one for a stock valve cover. This thing whistles at idle, after 1/2 can of brake clean trying to track down...
  12. 1967coronet

    Shift rod adjustment question.

    67 coronet original linkage for the column shifter and trans to engine is a 318 set up. back when the 383 & 727 went in the car I was able to adjust all the trans to engine/carb linkage so it would work and shift correct. 1st to 2nd was aprox 25 mph and 2nd to 3rd was aprox 35 to 40 mph at...
  13. 1967coronet

    Got the motor home 440 fired up this eve.

    and I just wanted to thank you guys for the help and advice. I have not posted much about it except back when I bought it and picking out the cam ect. Just for sake of repeating, - 1976 440 low comp , 35,000 miles aprox. bottom end looked great at tear down, bores , and the couple bearings I...
  14. 1967coronet

    Cam break in question.

    My new comp cam instructions advise 260/270 lbs. open spring pressure at break in. My crane springs # 99839 are advertised as 280lbs open. Is that extra 10lbs going to trash a lobe ? or do I need to switch back to the oem/stock springs for the break in. I have not had to break in a cam in 40...
  15. 1967coronet

    converter question

    Will a external balanced convertor off a 727 that came from a 76 cordoba with a 400 be ok balance wise to put behind my external balanced 1976 440 motor home engine ? I didn't know if the weight on the converter would be correct to balance the 440 bottom end. Or are all the converters off cast...
  16. 1967coronet

    383 / 440 balance question

    If I pull my 1965 383 this spring and replace it with a 1976 cast crank truck motor 440 do I have to use the 440 flex plate ? I know I will need to use the 440s external balance converter but was not sure about the flex plate. Thanks.
  17. 1967coronet

    727 slip yoke question

    I ordered a replacement drive shaft slip yoke from {Dennys drive shaft}. The barrel on it is 6" My old original one is 7" they both are the small joint 7260 series and the U joint fits correct. On the 727 tail housing my output shaft hangs out a little aprox 1" past the housing visable with the...
  18. 1967coronet

    8.75 axle question

    2 yrs ago I was replacing rear brakes and found my right side axle had some vertical movement aprox 1/8 of a inch with the drum off. axle end play was to loose also but no leaks or noise. So I took the safe route pulled both axles and had new oem style tapered bearings pressed on. I installed...