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  1. BadBee

    My '65 Satellite

    Hello All, Due to a hip replacement on the way I'm forced to sell my car check out cars for sale,I would like someone here to get it!! Maybe be able to deliver to Englistown August 20-21 Thanks ALL Mitch
  2. BadBee

    65 Satellite console??

    Hello All!! Can anybody post a pic of their 4 speed console please? My Sat is in the paint shop decided to go with MED Blue Poly, I have an automatic Console with car but the car was a 4 speed,any one ever use an automatic Console and do some type of a conversion??? Also I have a SPARE...
  3. BadBee

    Opinion poll on '65 Satellite paint Job

    Ok Guys/Gals need a popular opinion on a Paint job on the '65 Satellite !! It's Epoxy primed and ready to shoot! My ? to everyone is what's the best way to go?? Acrylic, lacquer, or ??? Also I'm stuck on a color as to what the '65 available colors are so I'm in the middle of a color + 4 years...
  4. BadBee

    '65 Vinyl Roof???

    Plain and simple has anyone ever seen a factory vinyl roof on a'65 Satellite /Belvedere? Did they make ONE? If so is there a code on the vin#? My vin is on the drivers door and no ttag on the dash?