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  1. Loulang

    1966 383 build help

    My budget is probably around 7000 I’m sure the builder will know which way to go I was just curious on other peoples builds. I’m not looking to build a track car just a cruiser that can burn some rubber. I’m gonna get the Holley efi distributor also so the sniper can do the timing. Thanks
  2. QuickBpBp

    What fell off my 64 Polara and other questions.

    This center trim piece is not on correctly. It’s made to slide onto the Lh and Rh trim.. It is a joint piece and should transition nicer once installed correctly..
  3. QuickBpBp

    WTB 71-72 Plymouth front inner splash shields

    Might have an extra set of 71-2 Road Runner. I need to look..
  4. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Any help appreciated please
  5. Photon440

    Which would you choose? Box store brakes

    I buy Raybestos.
  6. Robertop

    I simply cannot take it anymore!

    The mother of idiots is always pregnant, so they say. I think something should also be said of that particular father!
  7. R

    To all the Red X’s out there

    A member gave a nickname for red X's with NO comment - 'Drive by X-ing'. Lol, fine X away but have the curtesy to offer a little explanation of the X.
  8. hemi71x

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Well, not my Mopar, but sooner or later, parts for someone else's Mopar. Finished up the rebuilding of a pair of 62-76 A body, lower control arms. Started the rebuilding of a 65-72 A body, Kelsey Hayes, disc brake set up.
  9. R

    What fell off my 64 Polara and other questions.

    I bought two re-pops couple years ago for my vert, tad pricy but were nice. Can't recall right off where I got them - check with Joey here (admin) as he has tons of parts.
  10. Skytrooper

    Next installment in the saga

    71 charger with an aftermarket B&M shifter which uses a cable
  11. S

    Pretty Dutch Girl

    Is that Venus?
  12. XS22J8R

    Which would you choose? Box store brakes

    I wish I knew. Most everything is made in Asia now and I’ve not been especially impressed with any brake parts I’ve bought in recent years. I‘ve been using Centric, it’s probably as good as anything today. I think when the time comes for my new Ram to need brakes I’ll splurge for OEM though.
  13. S

    WTB Help please

    I have called him twice in the last month left a message and never heard back.
  14. Topher

    Heater Box

    No. It's what I do for a living.
  15. fourgearsavoy

    Which Manual transmission for drag racing??

    From some of the conversations I had with Jamie when he was still getting the gears done the material is stronger than the stock 18 spline gears. Gus
  16. Nxcoupe

    My 1971 Road runner

    Man, I love me some gull wing!
  17. F

    throttle shaft bushings

    Chicago Carburetor Got everything I needed from here yesterday.
  18. Dave6T4

    I simply cannot take it anymore!

    I was at a car show yeaterday. The local Soccer club was running the food concession. I ordered a hamburger and Coke-$6.00. I gave the 13 - or - so year old girl a $20.00 bill. An adult had to help her make out the change. Pretty sad!
  19. @

    Heater Box

    Do you have instructions on how to do that?