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    SOLD 225 Slant six and 3 speed transmission

    Sorry for being a little slow to respond. Local pick up for now.
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    SOLD 62-64 b-body battery cable set - new

    New battery cable set for 62-64 b-body. Still in unopened package. $115 plus shipping to your location. Located in Union Grove, WI
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    SOLD 225 Slant six and 3 speed transmission

    225 /6 and 3 speed Ran good prior to removal - have video of it running. Taken out of a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere with 97k miles. Everything from air cleaner to oil pan, fan to trans - less starter, trans cross member and a few other small items. $300 located in Union Grove, WI
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    Manual brakes are scary

    My apologies @hunt2elk, touch screen malfunction on my part. In fact I sourced a 15/16” for my own conversion.
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    Contemplating a new engine conversion

    Aeromotive has a 64-65 b-body tank. Not sure if wagons are the same, but it should give you more ideas how to modify a stock tank.
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    TTi 62-65 engine mount issue with oil filter adapter

    The only solution that I know of from TTi is the block off plate and remote oil filter. For whatever reason TTi offset the spool towards the front of the motor, they could‘ve offset it rearward and there would likely be enough room. I’m probably going to trim the mount bracket to fit the 45...
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    6.4 Hemi into 1974 challenger

    Here are a couple of threads on that use the older transmissions:
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    TTi 62-65 engine mount issue with oil filter adapter

    One of the small hurdles swapping a gen-iii into an early b-body is how the TTi spool type mount encroaches on the oil filter boss on the engine block. There are multiple types of 45/90 degree adapters but each one looks like it‘ll require modifications to the mount. I could run the remote oil...
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    Tapered axle upgrade??

    For my ‘64 I sourced a ‘65 housing and pieced together the bigger brakes. Then had Dr Diff build a new 489 center and axles. That was about 10yrs ago. Back then when it was all added up, it was almost the same cost as a new S60. One reason I stayed with the 8.75 and upgraded the axles was to...
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    FOUND Need PCV for a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere with 440

    Try this: if the link doesn’t work, use this search ‘pcv 2463554 2203021’.
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    71 Charger R/T

    You can find interior paint codes on the reverse side of some mfg paint chart pages. Here’s a DuPont page I found after a quick search. But my go to reference for my 64 was the Hamtramck Historical website...
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    Gen 3 Hemi Info Books or Resources

    This looks like a decent start...
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    Seatbelt Restoration

    Maybe you’re thinking of Sharon’s web:
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    Rear Sump Oil Pan, Pickup tube, support bolt on Hellcrate Motor

    Is this what you’re looking for?
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    1971 Charger Front Rotor Replacement

    I bought mine from Yearone with one of their 30% promo sales. Pretty pricey even with that but I needed other parts as well. Summit Racing has the Raybestos brand for a decent price...
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    Anybody knw a good alum refinisher?????

    Special T’s is probably the old timer you’re thinking of - Another vendor in the MN you could check out - I have no personal experience with either, just offering up some ideas. *edit - beat by a minute
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    62-65 vs. 6.4 Hemi Swap, Firewall Clearance, TTI

    You’re right about that. I’m already contemplating potential mods to the engine mounts and/or k-member. I’m also going with a manual transmission so eliminating the SRV shouldn’t have too big of an impact, but hopefully I can keep it.
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    62-65 vs. 6.4 Hemi Swap, Firewall Clearance, TTI

    Interesting, I wouldn’t have thought that. It seems counterintuitive that the 66-70 k-member would move the engine forward because when used with the original motors, they were moved rearward. Thanks for the info.
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    FOR SALE Torsion bars

    2 pairs of torsion bars. First set are 778/779. Cleaned up, paint removed with stripper. $75.00 plus shipping. Second set are 774/775. Very clean with original paint & markings. From a ‘64 Plymouth with a 225/6. $60.00 plus shipping. Thabks.
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    FOR SALE ‘New’ a-body brake hose kit

    New Inline Tube a-body brake hose kit. $25.00 plus shipping. Thanks