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    Radiator shot

    I just got my radiator from Glen-Ray in Wisconsin. You can't go wrong having them rebuild your radiator.
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    I'm just about to install the regulators on my 69 GTX restoration. My car came missing the up and for that matter the down stops. If you've received it pictures and dimensions would be much appreciated? Same for the down stops. I believe I can fab them if I had dimensions. Thanks
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    California Bans Chrome Plating! WTF!

    I'm In Washington state and have used Spokane Metal Finishing. Great results. Great People
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    WTB 69 Bumper Bracket (Left/Drivers Side)

    Found one in an obscure local junk yard.............Lucky. Thanks
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    WTB 69 Bumper Bracket (Left/Drivers Side)

    Best I can tell no they are different, Thanks
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    WTB 69 Bumper Bracket (Left/Drivers Side)

    Looking for a left bumper bracket for a 69 GTX. Just heed the long 'angled' portion of the bracket. Will take the whole bracket. Thanks Bill
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    Bullet Turn Signal Refurb

    I believe it's Crusin Moons that sells the parts for the originals. I have the set screw out and have hit them with some WD-40. I just can't grab the little buggers. I tried banging them on the work bench. The sockets are rusty and I believe one has a broken bulb in it.
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    Bullet Turn Signal Refurb

    Can someone tell me how to remove the light socket from the bullet?
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    Heater box rebuild

    Did you finish the riveted items on the box or did you remove them, refinish and re-rivet to the box?
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    heater box restoration

    The door seal is rotten in my fresh air vent. is that part of the DTM kit? if not where can I find one.
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    SOLD 1968 charger

    PM me with price and contact Info
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    How to test water heater valve on 1967 Satellite

    I sent mine from my 67 Charger to JC's. Looks new and work perfectly.
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    67 Belvedere with factory AC

    I have a 67 Charger with factory AC. I was able to remove mine from the engine compartment. I believe 3 bolts. as it came through the fire wall I had to remove the cable from the temperature control line. A I recall I put it in the same way, however I had access from the dash when I...
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    looking for 66-67 Charger rear window moldings

    Try Stephens Performance. That's where I found my front windshield moldings. and some other hard to find parts for my 67.
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    Aluminum on the lower part of the dash

    Handle like the peak molding on a 67 Charger. De-anodize it by dipping it in a caustic solution from Jestco Products. The mix comes dry in a bottle, then add 2 table spoons to a gallon of water. Soaked the trim for about 15 minutes and rinsed with cold water(per directions). buff with white...
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    Power pack

    My power pack is right at 350v, my EL system works perfectly. When I Talked to JC's Auto Restoration I was told the shop manual is incorrect and you need well over 300v.
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    Replacement AC Buttons

    Does anyone know where to find replacement AC buttons. I have my EL system refurbished and after 50 years my AC buttons have become a dark amber and the light will not flow through them. They should be clear.
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    SOLD 1968 Dodge Charger 383 Auto - $8,500

    How do i get in contact with you. Bill Melvin, Kennewick, WA
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    SOLD 1968 Charger rt project car

    interested! need location and pics would be appreciated.