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  1. LSM360

    do the carb Heat Insulator Base Flange Gasket really work?

    Agree, they actually help and last I heard wood was best
  2. LSM360

    1964 Dodge Truck - 1 of 4

    Super cool! And you're right....THAT'S patina!
  3. LSM360

    Comment by 'LSM360' in item ''77 Chrysler'

    That'll prove anyone wrong who thought Dobas weren't BEAUTIFUL!
  4. LSM360

    Replacement radiators?

    CAN'T go wrong with Glen-Ray!
  5. LSM360

    Sure grip lubricant

    I have Mopar additive in my sure-grip. It sure did make noise without it one time when I changed the fluid and forgot to add any.
  6. LSM360

    Sports Illustrated Features ‘Curviest Model Ever’ in 2020 Swimsuit Issue

    Just another example of why this country is going down the toilet. It's fine to teach people that you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself. But now we are trying to convince everyone to shove it in other people's faces. No matter how much they pretend, this is NOT hot and NEVER will be.
  7. LSM360

    Dame Olivia Mary de Havilland DBE, has gone with the wind, and won't be down for breakfast

    I know of her, had no idea she was still alive! Well done Olivia! R.I.P.
  8. LSM360

    May I see your 77/78 A38 Monacos/Furys? Please?

    Yes, I've read and drooled over the Hemmings car many times, thank you. I love the 74/75 Gran Fury too. As a very little kid I got a ride in a 440 A38 '75 GF. Remember everything about it, e.g. smell, feel, everything. I'd buy one of them too if right one came along, but mostly want a 77/78...
  9. LSM360

    May I see your 77/78 A38 Monacos/Furys? Please?

    I would love to see members pictures, assuming any own one of these beasts. I know they are not the most popular B body cars, but they are my favorite, and maybe I'm searching wrong, but I haven't found any here. Then I'll try and talk you into selling it :)
  10. LSM360

    For Sale *Not Mine* 1970 Dart Swinger $9500

    Looks pretty clean. Would need to see the underside being a PA car but the rest sure looks clean. IMO it's about a $5k to $6k car.
  11. LSM360

    I'm okay if AL L big money sports go away.

    Amen brother
  12. LSM360

    I might piss a few people off but...

    I agree with the o/p. So annoying that dealer can't do a little cleanup and instead of "believed to be original 400", check it out for crying out loud!!!! If it were a private seller, okay, I'd cut them slack. And stripe looks terrible. And the hp ratings for that year were very respectable...
  13. LSM360

    2020 Mid-Ohio Car show and swap meet, July 25th

    Wish I could be there!!!! If you see a '77 or '78 Monaco/Fury A38/E86 for sale, and I cross your mind.....:) 321-720-2500
  14. LSM360

    I can't help myself

    OMGosh!!! I'm so envious! Way to go!!!
  15. LSM360

    WTB 1977 or 1978 Monaco or Fury A38/440

    Hi all. Looking to buy a very original and good condition one. One with solid body, original engine and police package parts, and not a project car. Please PM me or email [email protected] with what you have. I have cash for the right car. Thank you.