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  1. Belchfire 5000

    Battery Question

    I have the Wal Mart 27 battery but they don't have the dual post ones. Thanks for the help guys, maybe I should just use the 24.
  2. Belchfire 5000

    Battery Question

    I have been looking for a group 27 dual post battery to simplify wiring of the electric fan, amp, and maybe an EFI soon. The only ones I can find that size are marine batteries, is there any reason we can't use them in cars? There are plenty of group 24 batteries with dual posts but sure would...
  3. Belchfire 5000

    1966 Dodge Charger for sale on fleabay

    Check this link out for a history of the Frank/Travco beasts, very interesting: Frank/Travco – Tin Can Tourists
  4. Belchfire 5000

    1966 Dodge Charger for sale on fleabay

    Not bad but the rich and famous will be driving this: It's for sale on Craigslist in Tennessee for 8K. It has a 318 while the Charger has a 361.
  5. Belchfire 5000

    Another IBM card question

    Jim, That's perfect, thanks so much! Evan
  6. Belchfire 5000

    Another IBM card question

    I'm trying to recreate my illegible IBM card for my 66 Charger. I'm using MoparRobTx card as a base but I can't read some of the text and numbers. If anybody has one and can tell me what text is in rows 48, 56, 58 & 62 (black arrows) and what the small numbers at the top are (red arrows) are it...
  7. Belchfire 5000

    What the heck??!!??

    Saw this on the interweb today. Pretty scary....
  8. Belchfire 5000

    Dashboard lights

    1966 Dodge Charger Hood Release Handle W/Cable | eBay Here is a used one with the works...
  9. Belchfire 5000

    Dashboard lights This is a Fleabay link to the cable and bezel. I've dealt with them before and haven't had any problems. Will look for the handle and switch asap.
  10. Belchfire 5000

    question for the headlight experts

    Well, weird things are going on.... I held the closing relay to pull the plug out to start testing and I heard the lights close. Let go and turned the lights on and they opened but didn't close when I turned them off. Grabbed the relay again and they closed so switched it out with a new one and...
  11. Belchfire 5000

    question for the headlight experts

    Don, Thanks so much for the reply. I have that print so I can follow it, just didn't know how to check for continuity. Seems like there is always something wrong with these lights. Might have to try the conversion one of these days. Thanks again, Evan
  12. Belchfire 5000

    question for the headlight experts

    Was cleaning the headlights the other day and used the override switch to keep them opened while I worked. Finished up and the headlights won't close. Took the override switch out and cleaned the contacts and no change. The FSM says to check continuity to ground on it to make sure it works but...
  13. Belchfire 5000

    Fuel gauge problem.

    I would think twice before using this product. Couldn't get it to work on my 66 and the tech support couldn't either. I'll make you the deal of the century if you really want one.
  14. Belchfire 5000

    Digi-tails Led tail light kit

    This is the wiring diagram I got with my lights. My car had 6 black wires running to the light bulbs instead of one like this shows so I used the solder sleeves to connect the yellow wires to them. The others I just soldered together like it shows and used shrink tubing on the joints. I also...
  15. Belchfire 5000

    Digi-tails Led tail light kit

    Yep, the trunk light was the easiest place to tap into the harness. There is a lot of soldering to do and I would recommend the solder sleeves and heat gun to make the job almost painless. I bolted the light panel on the first time without checking for pinched wires and paid the price for that.
  16. Belchfire 5000

    Digi-tails Led tail light kit

    I have had them for about a year and a half. They were a little difficult to install but anybody that's even a shade tree mechanic should be able to do it. I bought the no load flasher just in case and ended up not needing it. I tried using Superbright LED bulbs for the front but couldn't get...
  17. Belchfire 5000

    Radio installation, 66 Charger.

    When I installed my Retrosound unit in my 66 the stock bracket was too short. I cut a piece of aluminum the correct length and it's rock solid.
  18. Belchfire 5000

    Headlight Relays.

    This is where I got mine: 1966-1967 Dodge Charger Headlight Motor Relays | eBay
  19. Belchfire 5000

    another blinker switch question

    Replaced the blinker switch on the 66 Belchfire with an aftermarket one and it solved the brake light problem but it's really a piece of junk. A previous poster said he fixed his OEM one by soldering the wires but I can't see how to remove the cancelling cam to check the wires. Know it can be...
  20. Belchfire 5000

    Anybody heard from Topher?

    Never mind, I heard from him a few minutes ago, thanks.